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Arnison Crag and Birks

16th March 2009

The forecast for the Fells was drizzle and low cloud so we drove to Patterdale to do Arniston Crag (1424ft) and Birks (2040ft). A short walk of 4.5 miles but steep! We also decided to add Lanty`s Tarn and Keldas to the end of the walk this would take…

Birkhouse Moor

11th March 2009

Yesterday was great visibility and blue skies but I had been in Cartmel Priory teaching. I was supposed to be teaching maths today but decided that the call of the mountains was infinitely more appealing! I hated maths when I was at school and none o…

Glenridding Dodd to Hart Side and back Via the Miner’s Track

13th March 2009

With Wednesday`s walk having no views, and the forecast for Thursday being quite good except for the gales, we set off again for Glenridding to climb Glenridding Dodd (1425ft), Heron Pike to Sheffield Pike (2232ft), Hart Side (2481ft) and Birkett Fel…