Bonscale Pike to Steel Knotts

Name of walk Bonscale Pike to Steel Knotts
Date of walk 2009-05-29
Distance walked (miles) 8
Duration of walk 5 hours 0 minutes
Weather Blue skies and sunshine
Peaks on walk Bonscale Pike, Arthur\'s Pike, Loadpot Hill, Wether Hill, Steel Knotts
Walked with On own
Parking St. Peter\'s Church, Martindale

On Friday the weather was due to be glorious so I decided to do a solitary walk in the far eastern fells. When I left home at 7.30am it was a bit dull, and as I drove over the Kirkstone Pass the mist was right down, but as Brothers Water came in to view the sun came out and there was suddenly blue skies from nowhere. I arrived at St. Peter`s Church, Martindale at 9 o`clock in order to try again to do the all the 5 fells I was prevented from doing a few weeks back due to the mist. Bonscale Pike (1718ft), Arthur`s Pike (1747ft), Loadpot Hill (2201ft), Wether Hill (2210ft) and Steel Knotts (1414ft). A walk of 8 miles.


Bonscale Pike.


Ullswater was very still, too early for any boats!


Bridge over Fusedale Beck.


Mellguards with the steep tracks up now more visible with the new bracken growth.


It was very warm and the steepness made it a bit of a slog. So I took plenty of `stop and take a photo` breaks!


Fusedale and my route back over Steel Knotts.


Great views out as I got higher.


Still no boats to ripple the water


Helvellyn and Catstycam on the distant left.


But then suddenly the cloud came in and started to spread down the Helvellyn range and stayed like it for the next few hours.


Bonscale Pike summit. Arthur`s Pike in shade.


The lower cairn is Bonscale Tower. The steamers have now started.


I then made for the next fell. Looking north from Arthur`s Pike summit Cairn.


From the summit cairn looking south up to Loadpot Hill. A long trudge!


The cairn I could see from a long way off.....a bit phallic?


After reaching the main summit cairn I headed for the remains of Lowther House, formerly a shooting Lodge that used to have a large chimney stack. Behind are the peat hags of Wether Hill.


Not much left of it.


This was a boggy section. Note that the Helvellyn range are still covered in cloud. I guess I chose the right place to be today!


Wether Hill summit.


There was supposed to be a track down to Steel Knotts a bit further on, but I decided to head straight down the fellside to the wall, as it was just grass and moss, even the sheep had no problems!


Pikewassa, the name of Steel Knotts` summit, is on the right. I headed for the old ruin.


Good air con!


Looking back up Wether Hill. I followed the wall. Steel Knotts has plenty of ups and downs!


A good view of The Nab.


Looking down into Martindale, the old church on the right.


Still more ups and downs!


Ramps Gill Valley on the left of the Nab and Bannerdale on the right.


Pikewassa! Naturally I had to climb on top!


It was getting on towards 2pm so I had lunch looking up the lake.


.......and down to St Peter`s Church where I parked the car. Not far to go now! Hallin Fell is behind the church.

When I got back to the church there were cars everywhere. The world and his wife were out and about! As I drove back every layby and parking space was jammed with cars and people were picnicking everywhere. I`m glad I got here before anyone else. Yet I only saw two groups of people in 5 hours. Two couples who had walked together from Pooley Bridge that I met on Arthur`s Pike and a group of four on Wether Hill. Everywhere else was deserted. A jolly good job all those parked car drivers weren`t fell walkers, that would spoil my day!