Coniston to Barrow Walk

Name of walk Coniston to Barrow Walk
Date of walk 2012-04-22
Distance walked (miles) 23
Duration of walk 8 hours 30 minutes
Weather Some sunshine.
Peaks on walk None
Walked with Brendan
Parking Abbey Rd, Barrow.
Yesterday Brendan and I did the Coniston to Barrow walk, a mere 23 miles! It is the last 22 miles of the infamous 40 mile Keswick to Barrow Walk. It would be a good training session and route familiariser.
We caught the bus to Ulverston and then on to Coniston Village. We stopped at a Coniston cafe for coffee before setting off at 9.45am.

Looking back to Coniston. Coniston Old Man behind in the clouds.


Looking down Coniston Water.


On the east side of the lake. Down on the left is Low Bank Ground Outdoor Education Centre where I worked back in the mid 1980's as a Field Officer. Happy days!


Brendan said that if we lost a minute for each lamb/animal photo I took we would have got back over an hour earlier! But they are so cute!


Brantwood, former home of John Ruskin.


View from Brantwood Jetty.


A quick detour around Brantwood Gardens.


Further along the route down the east side of the lake I came across this wooden sculpture almost hidden behind a hedge.


There had been a few showers but they had stopped now and the sun came out. Taken from the jetty opposite the now closed car park.


Looking back at the jetty.


Still cute!


Canoeists at Low Peel Near. I used to scuba dive here with Terry Devlin. Below the water, just before the canoes, is a 40ft cliff face and at the bottom of the cliff face is an old boiler, a perfect place for sitting, getting your bearings and admiring the fish before heading off. Beyond that is the dark, murky depths, it goes down to about 100ft here, but is pitch black by 60ft. Happy days!


This chap needs a haircut!


A bull in the stream..


View down to Water Park.


At High Nibthwaite we detoured down to the lake shore for a spot of lunch, passing the Anthony Gormley sculpture..


Black skies!


From our lunch spot looking back up to the road and to Brock Barrow summit and the route over to Selside Pike.




Sheep and lambs on manoeuvres at Low Nibthwaite.


This pig came running over to greet us........or eat us!


Eventually we crossed the River Crake and made the Red Lion at Lowick for a coffee/pint. We are about ten miles into the walk. The place was totally deserted. In three weeks time (for the K2B) it will be standing room only! Lowick Church.


A horse on the route up to Kirkby Moor.



Close-up view back to Coniston Water.


There are some fine houses to look at on the route


Heading up to Kirkby Moor we can finally see the sea, and on the right The Hoad Monument in Ulverston.


Passing the Wind Farms at Harlock Hill.


Pennington Reservoir.


More turbines.


A sight of home! The North End of Walney Island and the offshore wind farms.


Poaka Beck Reservoir.


We head down into Marton and have a rest on the seats at the Dalton/Lindal crossroad. We met Ray Simpson and his wife Sue on their daily constitutional (Ray lives in Lindal). I worked with Ray for 12 years at Thorncliffe, he was Assistant Headteacher. We had adjoining laboratories. I used to disrupt his science lessons by using my "Sweep" glove-puppet through the glass window between our labs. His students would kill themselves laughing and I`d deny all knowledge!......... Happy days! Ray now works for our union, the ATL (Association of Teachers and Lecturers).

We walked with Ray and Sue until we reached their turning back to Lindal. We headed on towards Dalton. We stopped at The Bridge for a drink, then as we passed Barry Doughty`s (Borough Councillor) house at the Barrow turn off, he came out of his house on his way for a K2B training walk. Barry is lucky that the route passes his house, his wife always has a cup of tea ready for him! So he joined us along Millbrow, before heading off at a greater speed than we could keep up after over 20 miles!
We got back to our car after 8 hours and 30 minutes and 23 miles. (an hour of that spent in pubs…. and then there was all the lamb photos!)