Cunswick Scar and Scout Scar from Kendal 2011

Name of walk Cunswick Scar and Scout Scar from Kendal 2011
Date of walk 2011-12-01

At gone 10pm last night Brendan mentioned that he was going to Kendal Town Hall for a meeting in the morning, so I decided to go with him and do the Scout Car Walk on page 2 of Wainwrights Outlying Fells Book which starts from the Town Hall. It is a seven and a half mile walk and Wainwright says it takes about four hours. I thought I could easily do it in under three and be able to be back before Brendan had finished his meeting.


You take the road opposite the Town Hall and head up one of the ginnels leading to Serpentine Woods. I took the Sepulchre Walk ginnel, then another on the left and it came out directly opposite the entrance for Serpentine Wood. Keep to the right of the various tracks and it takes you out on the right of the golf course on a wide grassy track which heads uphill and past tee 13! Just follow the track. Looking out over Kendal Town.


Cunswick Scar is ahead.


But first you have to cross the A591.


From just before the summit looking back the way I have come.


Only 45 minutes from Kendal Town Hall. Cunswick Scar summit cairn (679ft). Looking out over to Kentmere.


Taken from the escarpment of Cunswick Scar.


Scout Scar is beyond the hill on the far right. The police mast can just be made out left of the summit


Looking up at the mast next to the car park.....It had taken less than half an hour to walk here from Cunswick Scar.


By the time I reached Scout Scar car park it had started to rain so I put on my waterproofs and walked up in the rain. View out from Scout Scar escarpment.


Not a walk for Kas the blind dog!


Sunshine and showers.


Scout Scar summit is 764ft.


The Mushroom Shelter built in 1912 is only five minutes walk from the Scout Scar car park.


In the roof is a 360 degree viewfinder showing all the Lakeland fells, Howgill Fells and Yorkshire Dales. Very useful!


Looking south along Scout Scar to Arnside Knott and Morecambe Bay.....where it is raining!


Looking back to the Mushroom.


A better view of the limestone.



Looking along to the end of the escarpment.


Lots of bullocks about!


When I reached the dip with a big pile of stones as a cairn I headed back down following the path.The sky was black. A rainbow had formed just as I was thinking of my reward being a cup of coffee when I got back to Kendal. Now, I`m sure it is a pot of coffee that is found at the end of a rainbow! .....Pot of gold? Now that`s just being silly!


It was now raining and a double rainbow has appeared......two pots of coffee?..... mmmmm!


When I reached the open field it was raining heavily. When I reached the Brigsteer Road it was hailing, aren`t waterproofs great! It had slowed considerably by the time I was re-entering Kendal.


Back at the Town Hall. The walk had taken two hours and forty five minutes. A very easy walk with great views!

I did a bit of window shopping then met Brendan for coffee at Farrers Tea and Coffee Shop, an Olde World Victorian shop on several levels with slanted wooden floors, which makes all the tables slope! 
They also sell many different varieties of coffee beans, so naturally I got Brendan to spend his money!