Dent Fell from Cleator Moor

Name of walk Dent Fell from Cleator Moor
Date of walk 2016-09-27
Distance walked (miles) 5
Duration of walk 2 hours 12 minutes
Weather Overcast
Peaks on walk Dent Fell
Walked with On my own
Parking Wath Bridge

On Tuesday afternoon I was ringing at St. John’s, Cleator Moor. So after ringing I thought I would take the opportunity to climb up to Dent summit, which I had never done before. The weather was poor in the morning, but it was due to improve, but I knew it would be very wet underfoot. The walk would be five and a half miles.


St. John's Church. The tower door is around the back of the tower.


After ringing I drove back along the high street, taking the road opposite the T-junction, parking beside Wath Bridge. I was going to do a circular walk going up from the back. I headed off along Nannycatch Road.


Kinniside Cop.


On my right was a small car park and the entrance to Uldale Plantation. Brian, a St. James' Whitehaven ringer, who had also planned to walk up Dent after ringing, was taking his dog for a walk from here. A there and back walk up the side. I may try that next time. I go through the gate.


Looking back to Nannycatch Road.


The way ahead.


I am heading for the centre of the dip.


The are a couple of horse riders at Nannycatch Gate, which I close for them.


This is my route too.


First I take a photo of the route of the Coast to Coast path around the base of Flat Fell, this goes to Ennerdale Bridge.


I head around under Raven Crag. It is very wet underfoot here.


Just after this bridge I meet a 12 foot wide and ankle deep stretch of water. The path had totally flooded. There was no other way except to get through as quickly as possible, before the water has time to penetrate.


I got through with my feet feeling only a little damp, no squelching, so okay. There were a few more wet sections but none as bad. Looking back once the worst was over.


My route up to Dent can be seen ahead. It is a steep route up, but I would much rather ascend steeply and come down gently.


View back down to the valley from the climb up.


The way ahead.


On the way up I met three people doing the Coast to Coast walk. They were going down on their backsides....being wet, the ground was rather slippery for descending. They are just seen in the photo...still on their backsides! My logic in choosing this direction to walk has proven correct. The view is of Lowther Park and over to Lank Rigg.


Looking over to Flat Fell.


Still more up.


A big stile.


View back the way I have walked up.


I walk a bit of the forestry road then head up again.


Not far now.


Ooh! Bits of blue sky over the hills.


Top of Dent. Not much of a view today. It has taken me an hour and a half to reach this point.


Shafts of sunlight on St. Bees Head.


The view out over Cleator Moor improves as I descend, the sun has come out.




You just follow the fence all the way down to the wood.


Looking back up to blue skies.....typical!


A stile that leads nowhere and gateposts with no gates! I take the path that leads left which very soon joins the forest track.


This takes you all the way down to the road.


Black How Farm opposite the forest track. I now walk back along the road to my car.

The walk took me two hours and twelve minutes, not too bad considering the wet conditions. I got back to my car at about quarter to six, the sun had gone and it was cloudy again and starting to get dark. I needed to have my lights on on the hour and a half drive home, I guess that means summer is now long gone! The upside is that it will soon be snowing again…..yippee!