Hard Knott and Wallowbarrow

Name of walk Hard Knott and Wallowbarrow
Date of walk 2008-06-30
There was no school for Tom or me today so we had a couple of walks planned. Hard Knott (1811ft) and Wallowbarrow Gorge.
We had set off before 8am and headed for the Roman Fort of Mediobogdum at the start of the Hardknott Pass.

View up to Border End and Hardknott from the fort. Hardknott Pass on the right. The weather at 9.30am was cold, windy and the mist was on the tops.


The remains of buildings within the fort.




We drove to a parking space at the top of the pass and headed up the fell. There are two spaces, but being early we were able to park easily. Looking up the Wrynose Pass.


Border End summit had no view north due to mist, but a reasonable view back down to Eskdale and the fort.


Looking down at the fort. The slopes of Harter Fell on the left.


We then walked over to Hardknott summit.


There should be good views out to the Scafells, but not this morning just mist!


We went back to the car and drove to the village of Seathwaite, parking by the church. This is the first time I`ve ever been able to park here!


After a drink in the Newfield Inn we set off for the three and a half mile circuit that includes Wallowbarrow Crag and Gorge. The public footpath starts outside School House and leads to this bridge and the woods.


Then across the water via stepping stones.


We passed through High Wallowbarrow Farm and up a pathway that leads to Grassguards at the base of Harter fell. It was now sunny and warm. We met a group of American walkers from California and Washington State and stopped for a chat. Looking up at Wallowbarrow Crag.


I took a detour from the path and climbed the crag to see the view over Dunnerdale. The Americans can be made out on the path to High Wallowbarrow Farm


Looking towards the Coniston Fells and the dip where Seathwaite Tarn is.


Harter Fell on the left. On the right Bowfell and Crinkle Crags are now visible!


Climbers on the face of Wallowbarrow Crag.


Low Stonythwaite. Totally isolated...no road to it!


We headed for Grassguards and then turning just past the ford by the farm, then following Grassguards Gill through the woods and out to Fickle Steps. We crossed just for the experience, but our route continued on the same side.


We were now headed for Wallowbarrow Gorge. We climbed high over the water and occasionally came low enough to be beside the water.


I climbed down the steep gorge to reach this bit, the water is slow moving and deep here, ideal for swimming.


There is a deep drop to the water to the left. Most of the path is like this.


Until you reach the boulders.


When you get down to water level the watercourse is full of enormous boulders.



Looking up the side of the crag to the scree boulder landslide.


Just before we returned to the first stepping stones we found the alternate route over, but we still decided to return over the stones.


We returned to the Newfield Inn for something to eat and were back home before six.