My First Quarter Peal for ‘Believe in Barrow’

Name of walk My First Quarter Peal for 'Believe in Barrow'
Date of walk 2015-05-13

On Wednesday, as part of the ‘Believe in Barrow’ celebrations, we rang the St.James’ bells to welcome the Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu and the Bishop of Carlisle, James Newcome to Barrow. St. James’ Vicar, John Hodgkinson, and the Archbishop of York’s Evangelist for the North, Canon Roger Simpson, said a few words in the Ringing Room. Then after general ringing eight of us rang a Quarter Peal of Plain Bob Triples, finishing just in time to get to Barrow Park Marquee for “An Evening with John Sentamu”. This is my first Quarter Peal and I will be ringing the tenor bell…the biggest, so it will be hot work! The Quarter Peal consists of 1260 changes, rang in about 50 minutes.


The band for general ringing before the Quarter Peal.


Andy's tripod photo.


The successful Quarter Peal Band. The information Andy submitted to the 'Ringing Powers That Be': Lancashire Association. Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. St James the Great, Wednesday 13 May 2015 in 50 minutes (12-0-24) 1260 Plain Bob Triples. 1 Linda Marshall 2 Jacqueline Preston 3 Stanley Walmsley 4 Alan Dewar 5 Andrew Painter 6 Owen B Osmotherley 7 J Andrew Pollock (C) 8 Jo Sweeney For the Believe in Barrow mission and to welcome Archbishop of York, Bishop of Carlisle, and Canon Roger Simpson to Barrow-in-Furness. First Quarter Peal - 8


We were a bit late getting to Barrow Park, so we had to sit over on the far side. Unfortunately the huge speakers obscured the view of the stage and it was too bright to watch the video feed on the big screen. So we could not really see the choir or the band.


A superfluity of clergy! The Archbishop of York, John Sentamu; the Bishop of Carlisle, James Newcome; Barrow's Rural Dean, Gary Cregeen and the Archbishop's Evangelist, Canon Roger Simpson.



Andy took this one of me sat next to Geoff's wife, Ros, with Andy's sons, Jason and Cameron.


Andy, Jason and Cameron.



The Archbishop is a very good speaker with a dry sense of humour. Later he takes questions from the audience coming to our side of the stage. John Sentamu always reminds me of the American actor Samuel L. Jackson.


Jason and Cameron get to meet the Archbishop. (AP)



Andy's photo of St. James' as the sun goes down.

An excellent occasion for which to ring my first Quarter Peal. Quarter Peals must be like buses, as I have my second one next weekend to celebrate ringer Andy Painter’s son, Charlie’s, Christening. 🙂