Seat Sandal and Grisedale Tarn via Tongue Gill

Name of walk Seat Sandal and Grisedale Tarn via Tongue Gill
Date of walk 2014-07-02
Distance walked (miles) 6
Duration of walk 4 hours 20 minutes
Weather Hazy, a cold wind on the summit
Peaks on walk Seat Sandal
Walked with Ged and blind Kas
Parking Lay-by, Grasmere

On Wednesday Ged, Kas and I decided to walk up Tongue Gill to Grisedale Tarn and then to go up Seat Sandal and take the grassy route down its front, back to Grasmere. We parked in the lay-by and walked up towards Mill Bridge. It is a walk of just under six miles, but both up and down it is very easy walking. With work commitments and ongoing house renovations I have not been up a hill for three weeks, nor have I been to the gym. It does not take long for me to lose my hill walking fitness and I felt it today, I had to walk even slower than normal. I was being passed by little old men! Oh the shame! It was warm today, but cloudy and a little hazy. The winds were due to increase as the day went on.


The summit of Seat Sandal is still in the clouds. The pub is in sunshine....we manage to walk past it.


Walking up the track from Mill Bridge.


From the gate we would return to the track by, looking up to Steel Fell on the right and the Greenburn Valley.


View back towards Grasmere.


I think this is probably part of the Tongue Gill Hydro Electric Scheme. It would make a great swimming pool!


Looking up Tongue Gill.


We take the higher track.


View back the way we had come up. It was very warm in the valley with no wind at all.


We continue on.


A waterfall, but not much water today.


Approaching the final pull up to Grisedale Hause. We could now feel the effects of the wind and it was getting cooler.


The last section is quite rocky.


View to Grisedale Tarn and Dollywaggon Pike. The clouds were still down and there was a cold breeze,


St. Sunday Crag on the right while we traverse the slopes of Fairfield. We headed for the far end of the Tarn for the view back to Seat Sandal and to stop for lunch in the shelter of some rocks. Time to put a fleece on.


View back to Seat Sandal. Grisedale Hause on the left.


After lunch we headed for Seat Sandal. We pass a group of women. They were old school friends from Australia celebrating their 60th year by doing the 'Coast to Coast Walk'. They were looking for the track up to St. Sunday Crag, some of their group were going over the top and the rest heading down the Gleridding Valley route. We pointed them in the right direction.


The scree run up to Seat Sandal. With it being dry it was quite slippery, glad I was going up and not down!


View back towards Ullswater in the distance from the climb up.


Grisedale Tarn view from very near the summit


Kas and me on the summit of Seat Sandal. It was very windy and quite cold. We didn't hang around.


We head down the grass. Grasmere on the left.


It is a very easy return route.


We go through the gate and head for the barn we passed on the way up. There is an iron gate with steps about 100m before that, but it is locked.

The walk had taken about four hours and twenty minutes. The walk back to the lay-by took us past a pub, so we stopped and rehydrated. This is a good little walk…..ideal for the unfit and out of condition, and I should know!