Yewbarrow, Red Pike and Low Tarn

Name of walk Yewbarrow, Red Pike and Low Tarn
Date of walk 2014-07-09
Distance walked (miles) 8
Duration of walk 7 hours 30 minutes
Weather Warm, sunny, but with a breeze
Peaks on walk Yewbarrow, Red Pike
Walked with Ged and blind Kas
Parking Overbeck car park

On Wednesday Ged, Kas and I drove to Overbeck on the side of Wast Water in order to climb up Yewbarrow (2058ft) then continue on to Red Pike (2707ft) and descend via Low Tarn, a walk of seven and a half miles, but with some very steep terrain, scrambling and off path walking. The weather was very good. It was warm with a breeze, meaning the route up should be dry.


We stopped to take a photo of the classic view down Wast Water. Yewbarrow is on the far left.


We parked at Overbeck car park. Not much water in Over Beck today.


Yewbarrow seen on the route through the bracken.


The first part is a steep ascent up a grassy slope beside the wall. It gives good views down Wast Water and of the screes.


As usual Kas leads the way. We will cross the wall at the ladder stile.


View out to Lingmell, Scafell and Scafell Pike.


Red Pike in the distance on the left as we head for the scramble up between Bell Rib and Dropping Crag to Great Door.


On Yewbarrow you are never short of a great view!


Heading up the rocky section before the climb up the gullies.


Most of this is just an easy scramble up rock, but there are a couple of sections where agility and long legs come in very useful, but as long as you maintain "three points of contact", take your time and consider carefully whether you are equipped to be doing this if conditions include wet rock or ice, it should not present too much of a challenge.


View down the steep rocky section.


Action shot! I am wearing my bum-bag ruck sack today, being both cooler to wear and having a lower centre of gravity.


Blind Kas wonders what all the fuss is about and waits patiently for Ged to catch him up.


The view from Great Door across Wast Water to Burnmoor Tarn.


The way ahead.


I took a quick detour and climbed up to Bell Rib (promontory behind Ged). Kas obediently stayed at the bottom. The we headed on up to the main ridge.


Yewbarrow summit cairn with Pillar in the background.


Looking across to Low Tarn with Red Pike on the right.


Looking into Wasdale with Kirk Fell and Great Gable on the left.


For the last two walks up to Yewbarrow I have come off the end down Stirrup this is a climb, and not easy with a blind dog! So this time we took the track to Dore Head that starts at the depression east of the summit cairn, a route I have never done before. Red Pike ahead.


The track runs along the flank of the fell. Then there is a path down to the valley. We wish to go to Dore Head without losing height so we continue on the track.


Yes we are on a path! There are two small sections that involve boulder crossing, but there is a path all the way to Dore head.


From Dore Head looking across the Mosedale Valley to Pillar.


We stop for lunch at Dore Head which has excellent views.


Looking down Dore Head Screes. I have been down here twice.....without a parachute! There is little to recommend it as a way back to Wasdale, but it is a quick descent....especially if you lose your footing!


Looking up to Stirrup Crag. I am not feeling like I cheated by choosing the alternative route down, and at least I am still alive to climb up Red Pike!


The ridge of Yewbarrow from the climb up to Red Pike.


View across to Scoat Tarn with Haycock and Scoat Fell behind.


Low Tarn our destination after we have walked up to the summit.


The Chair on Red Pike. An outcrop of rock that has been converted into a comfortable chair by the erection of a back rest and side arms of stones. It is near the first cairn, but quite well hidden.


The Chair has a very warm position out of the wind. We take 'a selfie'.


Kas and me.


We head on up for the summit keeping to the right edge for the views. Kirk Fell with Great Gable behind.


The view back down Mosedale with Yewbarrow on the right and the Scafells in the distance.




Red Pike summit cairn. It was quite breezy here so I put my fleece on.


Scoat Fell and beyond that is Steeple.


We return to the first Red Pike cairn near The Chair and descend steeply down grass and rock over un-pathed ground towards Low Tarn. We had come up this way in snow the previous year.


At least this time Low Tarn is not frozen, so time for a swim!


No paths means a total absence of people, not that the hills in this area are ever thronging with walkers anyway. We met no one on the route back to the car, and only 5 people on the way up.


We head down to the valley taking a diagonal route. Looking back up to Dore Head, Yewbarrow on the right.


Our route down to the valley.


Waterfall in Over Beck.


We gain the valley path and head through the bracken.


We cross at the footbridge and continue along the lower path which will lead back to the car park.


Looking back up to Yewbarrow.


The shores of Wast Water opposite the car park.


Final view up to Yewbarrow before we head off to the pub.

The walk had taken seven and a half hours. We stopped off at the George IV pub in Eskdale for a drink before returning home over Birker Fell. Another excellent day with some very good weather. I got home just after 7pm, had a quick shower before heading off for bell ringing and a sit down!