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A Gorgeous Day in the Snow on Blackcombe

14th January 2016

I wasn’t working today and had every intention of catching up on a few chores, until I looked out of the window. A blue sky day with snow on the hills. It is windy, but Blackcombe is safe enough. Ged was busy and Brendan was in Manchester, so I…

Birkhouse Moor in Snow

16th January 2016

On Saturday Ged and I drove to Glenridding to walk up to Birkhouse Moor and hopefully Catstycam too. We left Kas behind because of the possibility of deep snow. We have done this walk before, but not in snow. The forecast was for blue skies and sunsh…

Blue Skies and Snow on Glenridding Dodd and Sheffield Pike

20th January 2016

On Wednesday we decided to return to Glenridding and climb up Glenridding Dodd, Heron Pike and Sheffield Pike. The forecast was good, and the day turned out to be superb! I had only been in my car for a couple of minutes when I had to stop and take a…

Kelly Hall Tarn in Snow

17th January 2016

This morning we took a drive to Torver, parking in the car park opposite the Land Rover Dealership for the short walk up and around Kelly Hall Tarn. After yesterday’s expedition in the snow up to Birkhouse Moor, I fancied something a bit less s…

Windy Walney Island

10th January 2016

It was very windy on Walney Island this morning, plus there was a high tide, so after Sunday Service bell ringing I went down to the beach to have a look at the sea. There has been some snow on the high fells but with the combination of constant rain…