Great Crag, Watendlath & Grange Fell from Stonethwaite

Name of walk Great Crag, Watendlath & Grange Fell from Stonethwaite
Date of walk 2012-08-31
Distance walked (miles) 6
Duration of walk 5 hours 0 minutes
Weather Warm
Peaks on walk Great Crag, Grange Fell
On Thursday Ged, Kas and I drove to Stonethwaite to climb Great Crag (1500ft) and Grange Fell (1345ft). We would also visit Dock Tarn and Watendlath.

We parked along the road leading to Stonethwaite.


On the way to Stonethwaite we stopped on the shores of Derwent Water to get a photo. The reflections were good today as it was so still. Unfortunately just as we parked someone in a wetsuit decided on a swim so the reflections disappeared to be replaced by ripples!


Heading along the road into Stonethwaite. Blue skies ahead, but it was due to rain later.


We cross the bridge and take the track besides the wall. Ahead is Eagle Crag. Soon we head left up the grass towards Willygrass Gill and the steep path up.


The start of the pitched path through the wood


Looking down.


A glimpse of Fleetwith Pike through the trees.


Up above the tree line looking across to Eagle Crag on the left and Rosthwaite Fell on the right.


The top of Willygrass Gill


"A plane Boss, a plane!" Didn`t they remake "Fantasy Island"? At least the stiles on the route have dog hatches!


Looking into the Langstrath Valley.


The purple heather is looking good! Ahead is a group of Duke of Edinburgh Award sixth form students. They have been walking the hills for five days and are heading for Watendlath and then down to Grange and their minibus. I tell them of the great coffee, flapjacks and scones to be had at the cafe at Watendlath. But they are not allowed this as they have to be self-sufficient. I tell them they should use their initiative and think of it as "foraging"!!


Dock Tarn



After Dock Tarn we head off left for the wet route up to Great Crag. View down to watendlath Tarn from the first summit cairn. The second one is on the left.


View across the wet, confusing terrain. Dock Tarn, centre.


Looking across to the multiple summits of Grange Fell.


On the further summit of Great Crag with the route down to Watendlath behind me.


We overtake the D of E students again on route for the tiny hamlet of Watendlath.



We stop for coffee and flapjack in the cafe. The Dof E students sat outside on the grass and resisted all temptation! We say our goodbyes and go back over the bridge and up the track to Rosthwaite and the wet route over to Grange Fell.


Summit of Grange Fell looking over to Derwent water and Skiddaw.


The rock outcrops are quite big. Ged took this as I was exploring a route on to the top of the rock


We head down back towards the main path. Rosthwaite below.


Stonethwaite is far left. We see some deer later as we make for the main path, they quickly ran off through the bracken.


On the way down at about 2pm it started to rain, but our walk was nearly over. We decided to miss out Rosthwaite and take the higher level path to Stonethwaite. On reaching Stonethwaite we detour to the pub ahead for a drink.

A good little walk of about 6 miles. It took five hours and is Not too strenuous! I have walked 23 miles and climbed eight fells this week! I needed to make the most of the weather as it has been so unreliable recently!