Six Eastern Martindale Fells from St. Peter’s Church

Name of walk Six Eastern Martindale Fells from St. Peter's Church
Date of walk 2011-04-09
Distance walked (miles) 9
Duration of walk 5 hours 0 minutes
Weather Blue skies and sunshine
Peaks on walk Steel knotts, Wether Hill, Loadpot Hill, Bonscale Pike, Arthur\'s Pike and Hallin Fell
Walked with On own
Parking Opposite St. Peter\'s Church

On Saturday morning I left home at 7.10am to drive to the other side of Ullswater, parking at St. Peter`s Church Martindale, in order to climb Steel Knotts (1414ft),  Wether Hill (2210ft), Loadpot Hill (2201ft), Arthur`s Pike (1747ft), Bonscale Pike (1718ft) and Hallin Fell (1271ft). A walk of 9 miles. The weather was excellent for walking!


While driving towards Howtown I saw a hot air balloon.



I stopped briefly on the shores of Ullswater.


Hallin Fell, my final climb of the day and Howtown steamer pier.


I parked opposite the church at 8.40am, headed around the back of the church taking a right turn and then the path up the side of Steel Knotts. From here I could see the easy, grassy path up to the summit of Hallin Fell that I would do at the end of the walk.


Pikeawassa, the summit of Steel Knotts....I did climb to the top!


Next I would follow the wall up and over as far as the old ruin


Looking down into the valley and Martindale Old Church. Beda Fell on the left.


The old ruin and my route over the grass.



Looking back at Steel Knotts on the left as I head up to Wether Hill.


Wether Hill summit. It is a bit bleak up here, and I was glad it was warm and sunny


The remains of Lowther House, formerly a shooting Lodge that used to have a large chimney stack. Behind are the peat hags of Wether Hill.


The summit of Loadpot Hill.


Bonscale Pike on the left, Arthur`s Pike on the right. It looks near but Arthur`s Pike is two and a quarter miles from Loadpot Hill!


Looking along Ullswater to Pooley Bridge from Arthur`s Pike


The Beacon with a good view.


Looking out towards the Helvellyn range and down on to an Ullswater steamer.


I lay in the sunshine by The Beacon to have my lunch, looking over to Little Mell Fell and Great Mell Fell. This is the life!


I walked down to Swarthbeck Gill, crossed it and ascended Bonscale Pike straight up the grass, heading for Bonscale Tower and the other stone pillar. The photo below gets both in.


Walking down the steep, grassy path to Mellguards.


I would end up in the bottom left of this photo at Mellguards, crossing the concrete farm track and taking the grass track back to the church which is at the top of the road hidden amongst the trees.


Looking across to Hallin Fell and down on Howtown Pier.


Fusedale. Steel Knotts, my first fell ahead.


Bridge across Fusedale Beck.


Bonscale Pike with Mellguards bottom left.


St. Peter`s Church built in 1880. I had made it back for 1.15 pm, so the main walk took me four and a half hours.



I left my rucksack in my car and after a short break started up Hallin Fell. Looking back down to the church and across to Steel Knotts. It was hot enough that I only wore my T-shirt. If you see the number of cars parked at the church you can see why I got here early!


For such a small fell it has an enormous cairn!


Looking down Martindale towards The Nab. Steel Knotts on the left, Beda Fell on the right. Wether Hill far left.


Looking into Boredale with Beda Fell on the left and Place Fell on the right.

The walk up and down Hallin Fell takes about 30 minutes and I set off for home at 2pm. The roads were quite busy on the way back, everyone was out enjoying the sunshine!
An excellent walk that I last did nearly two years ago, but in reverse. This direction is easier! Going straight up Bonscale Pike is quite a slog!

15 fells walked this week!