Wansfell Pike and Wansfell

Name of walk Wansfell Pike and Wansfell
Date of walk 2014-12-19
Distance walked (miles) 9
Duration of walk 5 hours 0 minutes
Weather Rain, bits of sunshine and strong winds
Peaks on walk Wansfell Pike, Wansfell
Walked with Ged, Lynne and Tony
Parking Spaces on the road to the left of Troutbeck Church.

Friday was the first day of the school holidays so me, Ged and Lynne from School, and her friend Tony visiting from Toronto, Canada, decided to do a walk over Wansfell. Lynne is leading a walk for her ramblers group soon so she wanted to sniff out the ridge route from Wansfell Pike to Wansfell, a route I have done many times in the past. We would do a circuit from Troutbeck, parking in the spaces between the trees on the road to the left of the church, and walk via Robin Lane, Skelghyll Farm and Jenkin Wood into Ambleside, and then up by Stock Ghyll to the steep, pitched path route up to Wansfell Pike, then head down to Nanny Lane. A route of about 9 miles. The weather was forecast as showers with occasional sunshine, but with winds of over 50mph.


Looking across the fields at Troutbeck.


Lynne, Tony and Ged outside Troutbeck Post Office. We head up Robin Lane just off to the left.


View back to Troutbeck from Robin Lane.


Looking across to Lake Windermere.


Wansfell Pike ahead.


Heading for Skelghyll Farm in a brief moment of sunshine.


After we reach Skelghyll Farm we will enter Jenkin Wood and descend down into Ambleside.


Last view of Windermere before the woods.


Approaching Ambleside.


Coffee and cake. It rained for most of the time we were inside, but it had stopped by the time we set off again.


We head around the back of Barclays Bank for the route up by Stock Ghyll.


Stock Ghyll Waterfall.


A rainbow from the long climb up to Wansfell Pike.


Looking back down on Ambleside. The higher we got the windier it became.


Ged trying to stay upright on the top of Wansfell Pike.


View down Windermere.


Tony and Lynne in the shelter of the wall.


We make our way along the ridge to Wansfell, the true summit. We endure a hailstorm, with the wind strength they feel like bullets! Thankfully the first part of the ridge route follows the wall, so we can take shelter and Tony can have his 'Pie Break'.


Let there be light.


Lynne heads off for Wansfell.


The ridge is undulating and some of the troughs were extremely boggy!


Wansfell summit. The wind is unremitting!


Another view back to Windermere. We head straight down towards the wall and out of the wind. We follow the wall until we reach the start of Nanny Lane.


Nanny Lane with a new built up, dry path. It used to be a quagmire!


Fell pony on the side of Wansfell.


Nanny Lane loops all the way down to Troutbeck.


Entering Troutbeck.


St. James' Well. One of three on the route back through Troutbeck.

Including the coffee and cake time in Ambleside the route took us five hours. It was the first longer distance walk I have done since my heart op a month ago and my lack of fitness showed up on the long climb up to Wansfell Pike. Someone had stolen all my oxygen! After Christmas I will have to get my act together! 🙂

On the previous times I have done this walk I have always said that the distance was just over seven miles, but that was from using an OS map, pink wool and a ruler!  A method which served me well for many years. Now that I am no longer a Luddite and have seen the light and the wonder of GPS, the ONE TRUE method of navigation in my Pauline-like Conversion by Fr. John, I realise that many of my walk route distances have been underestimated by a couple of miles. Oopps! Please bear that in mind for any walk route before August 2013.