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An Old Quarry, Two Reservoirs, Holme Fell, a Tea-room and a Tarn.

20th September 2009

It was a warm and sunny day today so we drove to Hodge Close, an old quarry where climbing and scuba diving takes place. A good little walk with lots to see, only about 4 miles long and easy walking. Jo….

Eight Uldale Fells in Mist

24th September 2009

The weather today was supposed to be better than Tuesday`s. It wasn`t! We drove to Longlands and parked by the bridge, heading off along Longlands Beck towards Trusmadoor. We had planned to climb Great Cockup (1720ft), Meal Fell (1770ft), Great Sca F…

Great Calva and Bakestall

22nd September 2009

Today Ged, Kas and I went to do a couple of fells from Back O`Skiddaw. Great Calva (2265ft) and Bakestall (2189ft). We parked at Peter House Farm and walked part of the Cumbria Way path which leads to Skiddaw House. The walk took us five and a half h…

Six Fells From Lanthwaite Green

7th September 2009

After two weeks of solid rain and gales there was a break in the weather so Ged, Kas and I decided on a substantial walk to include Whiteside (2359ft), Hopegill Head (2525ft), Grasmoor (2795ft), Wandope (2533ft), Whiteless Pike (2165ft) and Rannerdal…

Stickle Pike and Caw

12th September 2009

It just figures that as I went back to school this week we have had the best 4 days of sunshine since June and I have had to admire it from the inside of my laboratory! Typical! Thankfully the sunshine held out until today so Brendan and I went for a…