Eight Uldale Fells in Mist

Name of walk Eight Uldale Fells in Mist
Date of walk 2009-09-24
Distance walked (miles) 8
Duration of walk 5 hours 30 minutes
Weather Misty and cold
Peaks on walk Great Cockup , Meal Fell, Great Sca Fell, Knott, Little Sca Fell, Brae Fell, Lowthwaite Fell, and Longlands Fell
Walked with Ged and blind Kas
Parking Longlands Bridge.

The weather today was supposed to be better than Tuesday`s. It wasn`t! We drove to Longlands and parked by the bridge, heading off along Longlands Beck towards Trusmadoor. We had planned to climb Great Cockup (1720ft), Meal Fell (1770ft), Great Sca Fell (2131ft), Knott (2329ft), Little Sca Fell, Brae Fell (1920ft), Lowthwaite Fell, and Longlands Fell (1580ft).


Walking to the west of Longlands Fell towards Great Cockup.


Meal Fell on the left and Great Cockup on the right. We headed across the moraines to the gap called Trusmadoor.


Some red fungi on the side of the path.


Looking back from Trusmadoor.


Looking along Burntod Gill towards Bakestall which is in the mist today, from the start of the climb up Great Cockup


Great Cockup summit looking at Bakestall with Skiddaw behind in the mist.


We then had to retrace our steps back down to Trusmadoor and head up to Meal Fell, then on up to Great Sca Fell on the right into the mist.


We had lunch in the shelter on Meal Fell. The mist was now down and we could no longer see anything. Great! Six fells still to go! We vacated the shelter for three other walkers, the only people we would see all day.


Looking back to the shelter cairn. The three people are inside.


Heading down to the col before the pull up to Great Sca Fell.


The mist cleared momentarily, enough time to get the view back to Meal Fell with Great Cockup behind.


Summit of Great Sca Fell.


We then walked in the direction of Knott which was rather boggy. I needed a compass for this bit, as we couldn`t see anything. Thankfully, unlike Ged I always carry a map and compass, know how to use them, and have a good sense of direction! After summiting Knott, on the way to Little Sca Fell it started to rain and it was very windy again.....Grrrrrr!


I needed the compass again to find Little Sca Fell. By this time Ged had realised that it wasn`t summer and put some trousers on!


Brae Fell summit cairn, feeling like winter is here!


Brae Fell summit cairn, feeling like winter is here!


As we headed down in the direction of Charleton Gill we came out of the mist. It is much better to be able to see where you are going! Lowthwaite Fell on the right. But first we had to go down into the ravine before the steep walk straight up the fell side.


Looking down the slopes of Longlands, our final fell.


Looking up the ravine of Charleton Gill..


Lowthwaite Fell summit looking back into the mist.


Heading towards Longlands Fell.


Bassenthwaite Lake on the left, Over Water and Binsey on the right from Longlands Fell.


Heading down.


The car is parked to the left of the white house.

The walk was under 8 miles and took five and a half hours. A good walk for a nice, mist-free sunny day…….like the one that was forecast…….Grrrrr!