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‘Settlement’ Art Installation, Birkrigg

23rd September 2018

On Sunday evening I went to visit Rob Mulholland’s Art Installation ‘Settlement’ on Birkrigg Common. I had seen it at Heysham on a dull day. Sunday was blue skies and sunshine and I went a half hour before sunset. The sculptures, a…

‘Settlement’ Art Installation, Heysham

10th September 2018

On Monday morning we went to Heysham to visit ‘Settlement’ an art installation by Rob Mullholland which was on the headland. We walked down through Heysham Village. We also visited St. Patrick’s Chapel and St. Peter’s Church b…

Brant Fell

24th September 2018

On Monday I drove alongside Windermere turning on to the B5284 that goes to Crook. I take the road to Heathwaite, parking in one of the many spaces near the track to Bowness. I am going to walk up to Brant Fell. Another walk from Wainwright’s…

Hugill Fell and Reston Scar

12th September 2018

On Wednesday Ged and I walked two more fells from Wainwright’s ‘Outlying Fells’ book. Hugill Fell and Reston Scar, from Staveley. Unlike in Wainwright’s time these fells can be done as one walk, as there are now gates in the s…

School Knott & Grandsire

5th September 2018

On Wednesday Ged and I did a very easy 3.3 mile walk up to School Knott and Grandsire. The schools went back today, so naturally it was blue skies and sunshine, and quiet! These fells are in Wainwright’s Outlying Fell book, but this route avoid…