214 x 3: Rossett Pike, Esk Pike and Allen Crags with Sue and Derek.

Name of walk 214 x 3: Rossett Pike, Esk Pike and Allen Crags with Sue and Derek.
Date of walk 2019-06-27
Distance walked (miles) 11
Duration of walk 10 hours 15 minutes
Weather Blue skies and very hot.
Peaks on walk Rossett Pike, Esk Pike, Allen Crags
Walked with Sue and Derek Fryer.
Parking NT car park, Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel

On Thursday I completed my third time around the Wainwrights. I have had to wait over a year for my new knee to be up to this strenuous 11 mile walk comprising three fells. Accompanying me were Derek and Sue Fryer. A couple of weeks ago Derek completed the Joss Naylor 24hr Challenge, 48 miles, 30 fells in under 24 hrs. Derek completed in 22hrs 20mins, an amazing achievement! Today would be just a walk in the park for both him and Sue, a long and arduous walk for me!


We parked in the NT car park at the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, Great Langdale.


There is a one and a half mile walk to the bridge at the end of the valley.


Looking up at Pike o'Stickle.


Rossett Pike is just to the right of Rossett Gill. This is our route down, we would go up via the Stake Pass which goes off right leading into Langstrath.


Mickleden Beck.


Arriving at the sheepfold and bridge.


At the cairn we take a right and head up. It was very hot. My thermometer said 32 degrees. We then took a faint path off left leading up to the ridge.


Derek taking a photo of the valley. Thankfully a slight breeze started to lower the temperature back into the 20's.


Heading up to the ridge that leads to Rossett Pike.


Sue's photo of me on Rossett Pike summit chatting to a couple from the Netherlands. They had been coming to walk the Wainwrights for ten years, and had reached 70. They also rather took to Herdwick sheep, and now have a small flock of their own!


I walk to the far end of Rossett Pike.


View of the Langdale Pikes.


Close up of the Great Slab on Bowfell with the Climbers' Traverse below. A route up I've done a couple of times.


We now head for Esk Pike on the left.


We head down to Angle Tarn and will take the path up on the right going behind Angle Tarn, to Ore Gap. Allen Crags on the right. Great End sticking up in the middle.


Derek takes this photo of Sue and me.


We take the path heading around the back of Angle Tarn with a view back to Rossett Pike.


The Langstrath Valley on the left.


We make our way up to Ore Gap.


Ore Gap and the turn off to Esk Pike.


View to Derwent Water.


Approaching the summit.


Sue's photo of Derek and me on the summit.


Looking to the cairn on the north top, behind left is Catbells, Ullock Pike, Skiddaw and Blencathra, to the right the Dodds and Helvellyn range. Closer in is Allen Crags and Glaramara.


Derek and Sue. We stop for lunch here. Bowfell behind Sue.


Sue takes this one of me.


Derek takes this of Sue and me.


Great Gable and Green Gable.


View across Allen Crags to Derwent Water and Skiddaw.


A more sedate way to see the mountains.


Lake Windermere.


Slight Side and Scafell on the right, my previous walk. Harter Fell and Blackcombe on the left.


From my sitting position that's Scafell Pike.


Surprise! It is full of people!


Our route down to Esk Hause. On the climb down I meet a woman called Debbie with two knee replacements. We swap notes! There is hope for me yet!


Close up of Sprinkling Tarn.


Debbie and partner on the left of Esk Hause summit shelter. Allen Crags, my final fell ahead.


Ta da! I made myself an explanatory sign.


Sue has also made me a sign.....a BODMAS version! Teachers! It's a bit windy up here!


Sue and Derek also brought prosecco and cookies to celebrate the occasion.


In the heat I feel the alcohol go straight to my head, but then I suppose that's the idea!


On the final pull up to Allen Crags I got cramp in my thigh. Which has only ever happened once before coming down Great Gable. Derek, being the experienced fell runner he is, had pre-prepared bottles in his ruck sack containing electrolytes. He gave me one to drink, and I had no more problems. Note to self: water and a packet of salt and vinegar crisps do not prevent cramp on a hot day!


Looking across Sprinkling Tarn to Great Gable.


The Langdale Pikes and Windemere.


Panorama from the summit of the view over Glaramara. To the right is Eagle Crag, Sergeant's Crag, Ullscarf and High Raise. Left click to enlarge, click again to return.


Such a great view!


Full of alcohol and cookies we wind or way back to Esk Hause. Four miles to go!


We pass Angle Tarn again as we climb back up towards Rossett Pike.


Sue at the start of the path down the notorious Rossett Gill. It is just as awkward as memory serves.


Still a long way to go!


Slowly making our way back down to the bridge, and then the long slog back to the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel.

The walk took ten hours and fifteen minutes. It was a very hot day too, but the breeze at height made it bearable. I must have been very tired as I totally forgot to take my customary post walk drink in the pub photo! My photos end abruptly on the Rossett Gill path. I was concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other at that point! My imagined pub order changed throughout the walk from a coffee to a pint of diet coke, then to real coke, but it ended up as a pint of Loweswater Gold Shandy. There are more electrolytes in beer……..honest!

Many thanks to Sue and Derek for accompanying me on this epic walk, for allowing me to use a few of their photos and for carrying prosecco and cookies up three mountains to make my 214 x 3 aka 3(214), even more memorable! It was much appreciated!