A Quick Run up Helm Crag

Name of walk A Quick Run up Helm Crag
Date of walk 2006-03-31
Went to Grasmere today via Hayes Garden Center, and climbed up Helm Crag,1329 ft (405m). Compared to Kirk Fell this is classified on the Sweeney Scale as easy peasy with bells on. From the car park to the summit took under half an hour!

Helm Crag.


Below.....Sour Milk Gill waterfall. Easdale Tarn is in the dip at the top. Hope to pay it a visit on Sunday. Blea Crag at the back.


Far Easedale. Pike of Carrs on the right


Easedale Tarn peaking out


Dunmail Raise. Steel Fell on left. On right Helvellyn, Nethermost Pike, Dollywagon Pike and nearest is Seat Sandal.


Grasmere with Windermere top left and Esthwaite Water top right.


I climbed half the way up and then thought better of it!


It had been raining on my way up. Now the sun had begun to come out.


Back in Grasmere I had instructions from Tom to buy gingerbread from the Gingerbread Shop. I had my sandwiches on a bench feeding the Jackdaws. Looked in the Art Galleries and bookshop, then headed for home.