A Sail Past and a Walk Around Venice

Name of walk A Sail Past and a Walk Around Venice
Date of walk 2013-06-24

View from the Costa Magica as we cruised past Venice. We would return for an overnight stop and do the sights!


On such a big ship you really do get a good view of Venice as you cruise by.




The start of the Grande Canal.



St. Mark's Square and The Doges Palace.



The Bridge of Sighs. We walked through this bridge twice when we visited the old prison cells.





At the end of the cruise we got a water taxi to this pier to access our hotel. The pier was opposite Santa Maria della Salute at the start of the Grande Canal. Did I mention that there are roughly 200 churches in Venice? Don't worry, we only had time to look at a few. The Salute was one of them, but was undergoing internal renovations, so I took no pix inside.......I bet you're gutted!


Same again in the evening.



Our hotel was just by the Teatro La Fenice, and just a few minutes from St. Mark's Square.


Entrance to our room. The theatre was just to the right at the end of the street.


The hotel.


Our route to St.Mark's took us past San Moise, described as the clumsiest church in Venice, which I think refers to its over elaborate baroque facade. We also pass Gucci, Prada and others of its like, that hold no interest for me.


Nice geraniums!


Back to San Moise. On the high altar is at first glance what appears to be a rockery, but is actually a tableau of Moses on Mount Sinai receiving the ten commandments.


St. Mark's Square. We visited a few times, but the evening and morning pix have less people.


The Campanile which we didn't have time to go up.


We visited the Basilica in the late afternoon. The outside was covered in scaffolding. You are not allowed to take photos inside. Not that anyone else seem to be paying any attention to this! I'm not sure if they were having a lighting problem but the inside was a bit dark and dingy. When we visited the Treasury we had a power cut and all the lights in the room went out, so we got our money back. All the chalices etc all had multi-lingual, detailed labels, but the section with the relics...no labels. One of the guide books had said they had amongst the relics, the skull of John The Baptist (Which is also supposed to be in Umayadd Mosque in Syria, and in one or two other places too!), the blood of Christ, some bones of St. George, as well as some other interesting bits and bobs that my first thought was "as if!" This could be down to the inaccuracy of the guide book, but there were two skulls, and lots of bones in containers, but with nothing being labelled the cynic in me thinks if it isn't labelled they can't be accused of fraud. As for whether the Basilica really contains the remains of St. Mark......best not go there!



The Florian had more musicians than they had punters! You need a mortgage just to buy a coffee. We left well alone!


Their busy time?


The Clock Tower.


Inside the Doges Palace. We had booked on the internet so could walk right in without having to queue. No photography allowed in here either. Interesting rooms, but I enjoyed the prisons the most....scary place!


Looking across the water at the giant inflatable artwork installation by Marc Quinn of Alison Lapper pregnant. It is sat next to the church on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore as part of the Venice Biennale. Much to the bafflement of the Catholic Church! They are not happy bunnies!


Another piece of art work.....a paper boat.


We had a 12 hour pass on the Vaporetti, also booked on the internet, so we made good use of it going up and down the Grande Canal. We went as far as Piazzale Roma. The Rialto Bridge.


View south from the Rialto Bridge.


View north.


Gondola traffic jam!


We explored many of the side canals. There are some great specialist shops to look in.


Its that time again! That was us a week ago! Big bastard isn't it!



We had dinner at the restaurant in the square that contained La Fenice. Just a hop and a skip from our room.


We just had the one night in Venice but we were back in St. Mark's Square before breakfast for one last look around when it was quiet. Then after breakfast we made our way back to the pier to be picked up by shared water taxi. We were the first of several stops so we got to go down many of the small side canals.



The we were out on to the water motorway, passing the island of Murano, heading back to Marco Polo airport.

Venice was excellent! Need more time to do it justice…..at least five days! Plus a lottery win to pay for it. It is a very expensive place!