A sunny day on Grike, Crag Fell and Lank Rigg

Name of walk A sunny day on Grike, Crag Fell and Lank Rigg
Date of walk 2015-04-22
Distance walked (miles) 12
Duration of walk 6 hours 0 minutes
Weather Blue skies and good visibility
Peaks on walk Grike, Crag Fell, Iron Crag, Whoap, Lank Rigg
Walked with On own
Parking Cold Fell Road

Tuesday was a glorious blue sky day so I set off to Climb Grike, Crag Fell, Iron Crag, Whoap and Lank Rigg. A walk of 12.5 miles in an area where very few people venture. I parked on the Cold Fell Road next to the Kinniside Stone Circle.


Kinniside Stone Circle. My car can be seen beyond it on the road. The track to Grike is about 100m back past my car.


It is an easy, gentle incline.


Now all the trees have been cut down I can see across to Whoap and Lank Rigg, my final two fells of the walk.


Grike ahead. They have put in a stile since last time I was here, so no more having to climb over the gate.


View back from just above the gate.


View back from the next stile across the fence line.


Looking down the valley which would be my route back. As you can see it is pretty desolate up here


Grike summit.


Looking ahead to Crag Fell. The route can be a bit boggy at times, but it was not too bad today. Pillar and Steeple on the right.


Crag Fell summit.


Looking down on Ennerdale Water. I head off left to get the views down.


Looking down on Bleach Green, the weir and out to sea.


View down to the Pinnacles and across to Knock Murton.


A closer view of the Pinnacles.


Looking across to Bowness Knott and Great Borne, and down on to Anglers Crag.


I carefully work my way around the edges and find a good spot to sit for ten minutes and admire the view.


Last view to Starling Dodd, Red Pike, High Stile, High Crag and Haystacks on the left and Pillar, Scoat Fell and Steeple on the right. I head off around the side of the fell.


I pick up the main track at the stile. Once again the forest has gone and I can now see ahead to my route up to the wall.


The obstacle course is still intact.


View back to Crag Fell.


I head up beside the wall. Looking back to Grike and Crag Fell.


It is about a mile and a half to reach Iron Crag. There is a gate in the wall.


Iron Crag summit.


There is some aircraft wreckage from the war on the summit.


Some good views out too.


Pillar and Steeple. It is not far to Caw from here and it crosses my mind to continue on, but I have a bell-ringing meeting to attend at 7pm, so need to be back at my car by four at the latest. So I save Caw for another day and rather reluctantly head back in the direction of Whoap.


A panorama showing Lank Rigg on the left and Whoap centre. With Grike and Crag Fell peeking out on the right. I still have not seen another human being.....bliss! Click to enlarge,click again to return.


I detour to Whoap summit.


Then head back across the grass to pick up the path to Lank Rigg,


Looking down the valley.


It is a steep climb up to Lank Rigg. Caw on the right.


I head for the far view point past Lank Rigg Tarn.


Looking back to the trig point.


From here there are views out to sea and down on to Sellafield. I head back to the summit and then make my way down into the valley. On the way down Lank Rigg I chat to three Welshmen, my first and last people of the day.


The valley walk is about two miles. Thankfully it was mostly dry.


Looking back the way I have come.


There are two streams to cross on route, so be careful after heavy rain.


I also had to avoid two sets of cows with calves, once by going down below them and this time by taking a higher path.


The cows with Lank Rigg behind them.


Looking back down the length of the valley, as I now head up and around towards the Cold Fell Road.


It is a 15 minute walk back on the road to get to my car.

An excellent day! Warm enough to wear just shorts and T-shirt. The walk took me six hours.

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