A Walk Around Piraeus, Greece.

Name of walk A Walk Around Piraeus, Greece.
Date of walk 2013-06-19

The next stop was the port of Piraeus. Which is the gateway to Athens.


View from the ship of the approach to Athens.


The Acropolis seen from the ship. I have done the sites of Athens before so once again we just did a walk around Piraeus.


We walked around the new port. We actually stopped for a coffee at Starbucks. I do love a caramel macchiato! We also went into Marks and Spencers. A home from home! It has a very good shopping centre.


The church of St. Konstantine and St. Helena. I was a school pupil at St. Helena in Colchester (Legend once had it that Helena was the daughter of the King of Colchester.....she wasn't!) But she is responsible for finding some rather dubious religious relics.


Greek Orthodox churches are certainly bright and colourful! The faithful go from painting to icon kissing everything in sight. If this was England they would be followed around by a guy with a dettox spray, or more likely everything would have a 'do not touch' sign on it. The church contained a pair of slippers of St. Spiridon which reminded me of the first time I came across the saint. One of my favourite books from childhood was Gerald Durrell's 'My Family and Other Animals' in it he tells a story of St. Spiridon's Feast Day where his mummified body was paraded through the streets of Corfu, and the faithful kissed the new pair of slippers on his feet. His sister, Margo, reluctantly followed this tradition and subsequently came down with severe influenza. So when later as a teenager on a school trip, we visited the birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem, it was tradition to kiss the actual spot on the ground hidden under a carpeted surround, I gave it a miss. Hygiene trumps religion every time!



The Municipal Theatre.


Piraeus Basilica. Unfortunately this was closed for the afternoon.


Agios Spyridonas (St. Spiridon's) This church was the same inside as the previous Greek Orthodox church, but much darker, so not good for non-flash photography, so I took no photos.


The Catholic Church of St. Paul's......closed for the afternoon.


We didn't leave Piraeus until gone 9pm, so we were here for sunset.

Piraeus turned out to be much better than we expected. It would have been far too hot to revisit The Acropolis.