Coniston Old Man to Dow Crag with Brendan

Name of walk Coniston Old Man to Dow Crag with Brendan
Date of walk 2010-11-24
Distance walked (miles) 6
Duration of walk 4 hours 40 minutes
Weather Some sunshine
Peaks on walk Coniston Old Man, Dow Crag, Brown Pike, Buck Pike
Walked with Brendan
Parking Fell Gate car park.

Yesterday Brendan and I went to Coniston, parking at the Fell Gate Car Park to climb Coniston Old Man (2633ft), Brim Fell (2611ft), Dow Crag (2555ft), Buck Pike (2441ft) and Brown Pike (2237ft) returning via the Walna Scar Road. A walk of about six and a half miles.


It was a cold day with a very cold breeze! Photo taken fom the car park showing our route ahead.


Heading up towards the mine workings


Let's hope this slate pile never shifts to the right! The ropes are actually made of metal


The old mine buildings.



Looking in the entrance of one of the mines.


Another mine/quarry entrance, now filled in.


Copper Mine Valley.


Low Water. Not frozen over yet. But with the drop in temperature overnight it probably is now!



Heading up towards the zig zags.


Looking back down on Low Water with Levers Water just sticking out above.


Dark clouds were looming as I looked out to sea, the wind at this point was cold and strong..


The main path was snow bound so we had to detour left and scramble up the sides. The two other people in the photo were from Norwich and were walking novices. The woman did not fancy returning the same way down due to the difficulties with snow on the path and asked whether we were returning to Coniston and If so could they follow us. They had thought of the Prison Band route back by Levers Water, but if his wife found this way up difficult, there is no way she would want to tackle The Prison Band in icy conditions. I suggested to them that returning via Goats Water and the Walna Scar Road would contain no such difficulties and so they tagged along with us.


I wait for Brendan to catch up! Looking across at Wetherlam.


Walney Island.....home!


From the summit cairn looking towards Brim Fell. The Scafells behind in cloud..


Dow Crag.



One last look down at our route up.


We persuaded the others than a 10 minute detour would bag them Brim Fell, another Wainwright. Brendan used to live in Norwich when he worked at the Theatre Royal. So they had plenty to chat about. The guy was a season ticket holder at Ipswich Town FC, I used to go to watch Ipswich in the early 70's, back in the days when Bobby Robson was manager and Mick Mills was the captain. So we had plenty to talk about too! On route for Brim Fell with Coniston Old Man behind.


From Brim Fell we headed straight down the fellside to pick up the path to Goats Hawse. Scafell and Scafell Pike.


We stopped for lunch at the alcoved seats and enjoyed the view. Looking down to Goats Water. Brendan and I were headed for Dow Crag. First we showed the others the easy route back to Coniston that was well pathed, on the left of Goats Water.


Looking back to the Old Man and down on Goats Water fom the route up Dow Crag.



It is a bit of a scramble to reach Dow Crag summit, a basin surrounded by rock. Looking out to the Scafell range.


Looking in the other direction to Buck Pike, Brown Pike, The Walna Scar Road, White Maiden and White Pike and out to sea, Walney Island.


Blind Tarn and Brown Pike from Buck Pike.


Looking back up to Dow Crag.


Dow Crag and Coniston Old Man.


Heading down to join the Walna Scar Road that goes from Seathwaite to Coniston.


On the Walna Scar Road.......not an actual road!


Crossing Cove Bridge.


Back at the pond in the car park!

The walk had taken four hours and forty minutes. A good, clear day!
We are off to The Coronation Hall in Ulverston tonight to see “The Admirable Crighton”. Lesley, our next door neighbour is in it! Should be fun!
We went to see “Jesus Christ Superstar” at The Forum on Saturday night. I have carefully managed to avoid seeing it for nearly 40 years (I knew how it ends! ;-), but I had two friends in the orchestra and two on the stage, so I bit the bullet and went. It was actually surprisingly good. I`m not convinced on portraying Herod as a drag queen with his attendants seemingly procured from an 80’s gay disco…..but it was funny. Come to think of it I`ve never seen actor/director David Marcus ever play a role that wasn`t a drag queen/pantomime dame! Maybe it is time for him to branch out!…….Hey, is that a flying pig?