Cunswick Scar and Scout Scar from Kendal 2013

Name of walk Cunswick Scar and Scout Scar from Kendal 2013
Date of walk 2013-02-23
Distance walked (miles) 7
Duration of walk 2 hours 30 minutes
Weather Poor visibility, snow flurries
Peaks on walk Cunswick Scar and Scout Scar

Brendan had a meeting in Kendal yesterday that would last over four hours. So I went with him and walked the route over Cunswick Scar and Scout Scar. A walk of seven and a half miles, but very easy, and far less boring than yet another session in the gym. I have been four times this week. I do about 70 mins of aerobic stuff. Watching the gym TV and listening to my ipod do very little to reduce the sheer boredom of machine work. Even Dave Myers (one of the Hairy Bikers) taking the cross-trainer on my left, on Thursday did nothing to reduce the tediousness…..but then he only did 5 minutes! Martin Ostler (Former Barrow Rugby player) is acting as his personal trainer. I have a personal trainer too, he is called Will Power! Unlike Martin, Will doesn’t cost me £30 quid an hour. But unlike Martin, Will has a tendency to disappear off the face of the earth  at the most inappropriate moments! Dave needs to get out of the gym and get in the fresh air! “The Hairy Hikers”…..Two big guys struggle to climb a mountain…..niche TV, but I’d watch it! Anything is preferable to yet another Julia Bloomin’ Bradbury show!


The walk starts from Kendal Town Hall


Then through the woods


Spanish bluebells.


The summerhouse built in 1833.


Looking back to Kendal while skirting the golf course.


You pass quite close to the 13th hole. Cunswick Scar ahead.


Crossing the A591.


It takes about 45 minutes to get here.


I now head for the police transmitter on the horizon.


Looking cold in the Langdale Pikes today.




Now approaching Scout Scar. Very dull weather today. Constant snow flurries and it is cold and windy so I keep up a brisk pace...


The Mushroom ahead. View towards the sea



It has a 360 degree guide.


The weather starts to deteriorate.


Scout Scar summit trig point



It is now snowing. I was toying with going to Brigsteer, but I decide to head down.


This is where the field track comes out on to the road. Not far to go now!


I have a coffee in town and have a look in the bookshop. Unlike most women I loathe shopping, unless it is for books or music. I take a walk by the river down to where the K shoe factory was.



I then double back to Holy Trinity church. One of the widest parish churches in the country with some excellent stained glass windows is closed on Saturdays for renovations! Typical! So I find another cafe. Have another coffee and read my Kindle while waiting for Brendan's meeting to finish.

The main walk took me two and a half hours.

Back to the subject of Will Power. When thinking what to give up for Lent I came up with a few options. . I could possibly give up inflicting pain and torture. But then I decided not to go there because if I had a chance meeting with Michael Gove I would not be able to run his genitals through the Magimix.
My second thought was chocolate. But then I would be setting myself up for failure… very own Kobayashi Maru test!
My final choice was alcohol. Not a problem! Or so I thought! Until Monday at the Kirkstile Inn at Loweswater. That swift half of Grasmoor! Dehydrated after a six hour walk, I had totally forgot! D’oh!!! It was not a wilfull act, there was no intent! Does God negotiate? Should I just add on another day and call it quits? Answers on a postcard………
I`m a numpty!


PS if anyone sees Michael Gove tell him I`m looking for him!