Eagle Crag, Sergeant’s Crag, Ullscarf and Great Crag

Name of walk Eagle Crag, Sergeant's Crag, Ullscarf and Great Crag
Date of walk 2009-06-24
Distance walked (miles) 10
Duration of walk 7 hours 30 minutes
Weather Sunshine
Peaks on walk Eagle Crag, Sergeant\'s Crag, Ullscarf and Great Crag
Walked with Ged and blind Kas
Parking Roadside at Stonethwaite

Last week`s walk was only a small one so this week we were in need of something a bit more challenging. Yesterday was forecast to be very hot so naturally we decided to start the walk with one of the most strenuous ascents in Lakeland, Eagle Crag (1709ft), followed by Sergeant`s Crag (1873ft) then over via Greenup Edge to Ullscarf (2382ft) and then via Dock Tarn to Great Crag (1444ft), down the side of Willygrass Gill back to Stonethwaite, a walk of about ten miles.


Close up of Eagle Crag.


We walked to the base of Eagle Crag following Stonethwaite Beck.


Then we had to cross it.......o`er......no bridge! Found a way over via some boulders, then we had to cross Greenup Gill which thankfully had a footbridge. We walked to the second wall on the side of Eagle Crag and just headed up through the bracken.


About half way up we stopped to admire the view......and for a breather! The route back to Stonethwaite can be seen way below.


After the bracken is a steep rake to climb up, then take a small detour for a fine view of Eagle Crag itself. With Ullscarf as the background. It was here that I lost Ged! I only took a few seconds to snap a photo turned and headed back for the path, thinking Ged would be just a photo snapping opportunity behind me and would follow me back to the head of the rake. Stupid woman! Men have no sense of direction! I got almost to the summit and waited for Ged to catch me up.....no Ged. So I headed all the way back to where I took this photo. No Ged! I bet he`s gone up that grassy bit instead I thought, turned out he had and was waiting on the top...D`oh! Even Kas, the blind dog, had taken the same path as me. I think the wrong animal is wearing a collar and lead!


A good view up the Langstrath Valley to Crinkle Crags, Bowfell and Esk Pike. We were on Esk Pike two weeks ago and took the reverse photo of Eagle Crag.


Looking over to the next summit of Sergeant`s Crag.



Summit of Eagle Crag with Borrowdale behind me. We stopped for lunch here.


The head of the Langstrath Valley from the summit of Sergeant`s Crag. The Scafells and Great End now seen far right.




We headed up to Greenup Edge and took this photo from Long Crag looking down the Greenup Gill Valley. Sergeant`s Crag on the left.


Close up over Sergeant`s Crag and Catbells to Bassenthwaite Lake and the Solway Firth to the Scottish mountains.


Same view.




We headed over to Ullscarf. A close up of Grasmere, Loughrigg Fell and Windermere


Ullscarf. Not much of a summit.



Derwent Water and Bassenthwaite Lake ahead. Blea Tarn on the right. Dock Tarn can just be seen amongst the brown heather on the far left, this was our next destination, once we had negotiated the fence.


Another fine view up Langstrath. Eagle Crag on the left and last week`s fell, Rosthwaite Fell on the right......and Ged trying not to get the wall in his photo. Me, I like a nice wall, preferably without an old git in the way!


Dock Tarn with Great Crag over to its left. Wall to wall heather here, it must be spectacular in August when the heather is purple.


Quite a pretty tarn, many water lillies, and no-one to be seen. In fact once we got on high we only saw three people all day and they were on Ullscarf.


Water lily close up.


Ged decided to cool down by skinny dipping in the tarn, so I went off in search of Great Crag summit. There and back took about 45 minutes. From the summit I could look down on Watendleth Tarn with High Seat and High Tove behind.


I eventually found my way back to Dock Tarn via a few unnecessary detours and we headed off back down to Stonethwaite. A good view of Eagle Crag, Sergeant Crag and the rest of today`s route behind on the left.


The route through the woods by Willygrass Gill was a steep descent with a pitched path that jars. I took no photos, too busy watching where I put my feet! We eventually made it back down meeting some horses on he way.


We headed for the pub. This was the starting point for a fell race that was due to start at about 7.30. They were to race up the route we came down from Dock Tarn, up to Great Crag over to Watendleth and back round to Stonethwaite, they could not have had a finer evening. One of the people we spoke to said the record was 33 minutes!

Todays walk had taken us about seven and a half hours. The orange juice at the end was well deserved! Didn`t get home until nine o`clock, so it was quite a long day.