Gummers How and Cartmel Fell with Tom

Name of walk Gummers How and Cartmel Fell with Tom
Date of walk 2012-06-18
Distance walked (miles) 7
Duration of walk 4 hours 0 minutes
Weather Sunny
Peaks on walk Gummers How and Cartmel Fell
I was back early from work on Monday and the weather was too good to waste. So I dragged Tom out of bed in order for us to walk up Gummers How then over to Cartmel Fell, down to St. Anthony’s in the valley then along the quiet county road to The Masons Arms then back over the hill to Gummers How car park. A walk of about 7 miles.

Looking down on The Aquarium from the top of the steps.


Tom at Gummers How cairn with the Coniston Hills behind.


Looking down on Windermere again.


Loads of Luing cattle and calves about.


Windermere panorama.


We then headed down to the reservoir walking around the back into the woods.....Panorama.


There were hundreds of damselflies about....(Coenagrion puella)


Pyrrhosoma nymphula.


and again.


Returning back to the Gummers How track there was a herd of cattle and calves across the path


They were drinking from a large puddle, so we took a large detour up a scree slope. Lucky that we did as the beast 2nd left turned out to be a bull! It even had a ring through its nose!


We walked along Sow How Lane, through the farm and took a left to Sow How Tarn


Then walked past Heights Cottage.....a barn in the middle of nowhere, then out on to the fell, keeping right for the monument


Cartmel Fell summit looking across to Whitbarrow Scar. We would descend directly down in front of the monument.


The front of the monument has a seat inside it.




Summit view.


After walking down to the road we took the signed footpath to Cartmel Fell church.....St. Anthony's was built in 1504, and is not much to look at from the outside


....but rather beautiful on the inside.


The bell tower contains the font.


guess there are some stones a stonemason has to work on in-situ! He had a good foot of writing to complete and he said it would take him several days. All hand carved without electric tools. At least the weather held out for him!


After chatting to a stonemason, where next to go but in The Masons Arms! ..........The pub.....not the craftsman!!!! I haven`t been here for nearly ten years. The last time was to see the legendary Lakes Blues Band. Paul Bryden will agree with me that they were legendary! But then he was the guitarist! The pub overlooks The Winster Valley and is renowned for its variety of ales and beers.......I had a diet coke! Tom had cider.

Then there was nothing for it but to gird our loins for the long walk up the hill towards Gummers How. A good little walk. It took just over four hours.