Kidsty Pike to Brock Crags from Hartsop in Blue skies and Snow

Name of walk Kidsty Pike to Brock Crags from Hartsop in Blue skies and Snow
Date of walk 2014-03-24
Distance walked (miles) 8
Duration of walk 5 hours 50 minutes
Weather Excellent visibility and blue skies but incredibly windy.
Peaks on walk The Knott, Kidsty Pike, Rampsgill Head, Brock Crags
Walked with Ged and blind Kas
Parking Hartsop car park.

It had snowed in the hills on Friday night so we decided to get above the snow line on a circular walk from Hartsop. We were originally going to climb The Knott, Rampsgill Head, Kidsty Pike, High Street, Thornthwaite Crag and Gray Crag and do a circuit above Hayeswater, but the Fell Forecast had predicted the winds as being 30-40 mph with gusts 50 mph, increasing in the afternoon. So once we got up to The Knott and felt the full force, we realised that we would be climbing High Street going into the wind and once on the top we would be very exposed for the rest of the route, so we decided to leave this section of the walk for another day and do the alternative safer descent down via Brock Crags.


What a lovely day! The point at which the track diverges. On the right is the track up to Hayeswater, on the left is the track up to the Filter House and the zig and zag track to Brock Crags.


Hayeswater Gill.


View back down from the climb up to Hayeswater.


Looking over to the Filter House. Up on the fell the diagonal 'zag track' can be seen, our eventual route down.


View up Hayeswater Gill. Lots of water coming down. The Knott ahead.


Eventually we reach Hayeswater. We would then head up the grass on the left.


Crossing via the bridge. In the summer the water was low enough that I could sit on the weir and dangle my feet in the water.


There was a strong wind coming down the valley.


We head up the grass which gives a great view back to Hayeswater.


Looking in the direction of Striding Edge, Helvellyn and Catstycam.


We reach the snow line. Looking back to Rest Dodd.


We head up The Knott beside the wall.


Panorama of the view back towards Rest Dodd and The Nab from the climb up The Knott.


The wind at this point was ferocious! From The Knott we could see what would have been our circuit if the wind had been more kind. Thornthwaite Crag and Gray Crag on the right.


Route up to High Street.


We make a left at the cairn and head for Kidsty Pike.


The view down Riggindale where the Golden Eagle nests. Haweswater ahead, Kidsty Pike on the left.


The route to Kidsty Pike was very windy and cold enough that my fingers were burning even with gloves on. The gusts were enough to knock you off your stride. Thankfully the wind blew you away from the edge! Kas and me on the summit of Kidsty Pike.


Panorama view from Kidsty Pike summit. Branstree, the Gatesgarth Pass, Harter Fell, the Nan Bield Pass and Mardale Ill Bell.


We head for Rampsgill Head. Looking back to Kidsty Pike from the route up.


View from Rampsgill Head down Ramps Gill towards Martindale. The Nab on the left and Wether Hill and Loadpot Hill on the right. Ullswater just peeking out. The wind was pretty ferocious here too, but this time it was pushing us towards the edge so we kept well back. It was quite hard to keep upright while moving.


We head back towards the path below The Knott.


Now we head back via Brock Crags.


View back down to Hayeswater.


The route ahead. Brock Crags is the grassy fell on the left. The wind strength is increasing as the day goes on.


We find a dip in the path out of the wind to have a late lunch.


View down into Bannerdale. The Nab now on the right and Beda Fell on the left. We were still getting a buffeting from the wind even at these lower heights.


Hayeswater as we head for Brock Crags.


Brock Crag summit directly ahead. It is a bit boggy here!


View to Angle Tarn and Angletarn Pikes.


One of the tarns we pass on the way to the summit.


Ged keeping hold of his hood on the summit. Kas looking a bit windswept too! Brothers Water below.


A close up of Angle Tarn looking lovely and blue today.




Place Fell, Angletarn Pikes and Angle Tarn from Brock Crags summit.


Looking across another tarn.


The start of the track that leads to the zig zag path down Brock Crags.


Gray Crag, our route up and a view down to the Filter House. I have descended off the end of Gray Crag twice before, it is very steep and it could have been a bit iffy in this wind.


The zag path. We then cheat and don't follow all the zig path but head straight down the grass to the track.


View into Pasture Bottom and to the track we followed this morning.


View back from the gate that leads to the car park. The Knott, our first fell, on the left.

By the end of the walk we were glad we had made the sensible decision to alter our route. High Street and Gray Crag would still be there another day. The visibility had been excellent today, but it was cold, with windchill it was -8C.The walk was 8.5 miles long and took us five hours and fifty minutes.


PS: My Keswick to Barrow (K2B) sponsorship page is now open…….any donations gratefully received. Last year I raised £247 for Hospital Equipment Fund for Furness. The 40 miles took me 12 hours and 53 minutes. A walk in the park it ain’t! ;-)