Loweswater, Darling Fell and Low Fell

Name of walk Loweswater, Darling Fell and Low Fell
Date of walk 2013-05-07
Distance walked (miles) 7
Duration of walk 5 hours 0 minutes
Weather Sunny and still
Peaks on walk Darling Fell, Low Fell

Yesterday I left home at 7.20am in order to get to Loweswater early enough to get the reflections on the water. I would walk around the lake and then head up the track towards Mosser and do the steep climb up to Darling fell, then on to Low Fell.


I parked at the National Trust car park at Scalehill and walked along the road towards the lake. Mellbreak ahead.


A lamb photo for Jan in the wilderness of Canada, she doesn't see lambs there, and misses them.........like I really need an excuse!


As I drove past Windermere, Rydal Water, Grasmere and Thirlmere this morning, they were all still like this with excellent reflections.


The water was like glass.....




A panorama of Darling Fell and Low Fell...


Toxic green algae on the water......dogs beware!


A panorama of the north side with Grasmoor on the far right. Reflections don't get any better than this!


I take the woodland track. It was warm today so for the first time this year I was only in T-shirt and shorts.


View from the far end looking at Grasmoor and Mellbreak....


Looking across to Darling Fell. The track to Mosser runs diagonally just above the trees


End of the lake.


Great Spotted Woodpecker


Big lamb.




Now on the other side of the lake looking across to Carling Knott and Holme Wood


Burnbank Fell.


View to Mellbreak and Hen Comb.


It was just after taking this photo that I slipped on a wet rock and dropped my camera! Unfortunately 2 inches of water is just as wet as 20ft of water! I wasn't born a Numpty, but have achieved it through constant practise, perseverance and dedication!


I dried it, it was still working after a fashion. I took this photo on the Mosser track. Condensation on the lens, which got worse so I removed the battery and put the camera away in my ruck sack..


I switched to my camera phone. The phone is Tom`s old one. Up until a few months ago I was still using an old Nokia, diesel engine thing, that did nothing except make phone calls and send texts....the memory was full if you had 10 texts, (Yes, THAT old!) but it was all I needed. This was is a touch phone.....which rarely responds first time of asking! But it has a 2mp camera. It works great in a darkened room; but on a sunny day I could see nothing on the screen! Both me and the camera had to disappear beneath my T-shirt! Not the best position for landscape photography! Once I had worked out how to use it is was just a matter of facing the camera in the right direction and hope it captures a view!.... After downloading the pix I noticed that the lens could do with a good clean! The memory also contained all Tom`s photos of his visit to Strasbourg and the European Parliament.....Ah! So that's what he got up to!.............. Sight-seeing? Tut! Kids today! Looking down on a bit of Loweswater from the climb up Darling Fell.


Darling Fell summit cairn


The steep descent and ascent to Low Fell.


This view from Low Fell would have looked great on my camera! Crummock Water and Buttermere looking a bit murkey!


It was now midday so I stopped here for lunch, working out which way to go next. I had plenty of time to visit Fellbarrow, but of all the Wainwright's it is probably the most boring one to be on.....just grass, no view. So I decided to give it a miss and take the path down the other side of the fence line I walked up by. This route was very steep and was directly straight down the fellside to the wood below with no deviation, easy enough, but not good for a knee that is only 4 days from a 40 mile walk!


Looking back up to Low Fell

then walked to the Kirkstile Inn for a drink. I was originally going to return via the Crummock Water shore to Lanthwaite Wood but decided to miss this section out to get back home at a reasonable time to put my camera in a container of rice in order to dehumidify it. It never worked, today it is as dead as a doornail!…..Numpty, 1st class with honours!

The walk was 7 miles and took me less than 5 hours. My car thermometer said 22C! Yesterday was our summer! Glad I never missed it!