Mosedale Horseshoe plus Haycock and caw

Name of walk Mosedale Horseshoe plus Haycock and caw
Date of walk 2010-10-25
Distance walked (miles) 16
Duration of walk 8 hours 40 minutes
Weather Sunshine
Peaks on walk Pillar, Scoat Fell, Steeple, Haycock, Caw, Red Pike
Walked with On own
Parking Wasdale Head

On Sunday I drove to Wasdale Head to climb Pillar (2927ft), Scoat Fell (2760ft), Steeple (2687ft), then a four mile detour to take in Haycock (2618ft) and Caw (1735ft), back over Haycock again then finally on to Red Pike (2704ft), then returning by Overbeck and the road to Wasdale Head. A mammoth walk of 16 miles.


I allowed 9 hours to do this walk so I left home before dawn. The moon was still out as I drove through the Nevada Desert.......actually it was Corney Fell doing a good impression.


Walking into Mosedale heading for the Black Sail Pass.


Yewbarrow and Red Pike, my final fell, ahead with Dore Head Screes leading down from the dip. I saw two people slowly making their way up the screes who I met later on the way to Scoat Fell. They noticed me too when I was in the hat is visible for miles! Dore Head Screes could have been my descent point but I`ve been down before without a parachute and would prefer the long walk around!


Looking back into Mosedale from near the top.


View from Looking Stead down into the Ennerdale Valley. Black Sail Hut at the bottom. The wind was blowing strongly and it was freezing cold. The forecast said minus three but with windchill it was much colder. Gloves were on for most of the day.


The last time I did Pillar I went around the back via Robinson`s Cairn and the Shamrock Traverse, this time I would go straight up the front. View down to Wasdale, Wastwater just peeking out and Burnmoor Tarn just above it.


On the long climb up to Pillar looking across Gamlin End and Seat to Robinson, Hindscarf and Dale Head. Behind them is Skiddaw and Blencathra.


Looking across Haystacks and Fleetwith Pike to Dale Head.


Finally on Pillar summit looking down on Pillar Rock.


Cloud still on Lingmell, Scafell Pike and Scafell.


The summit of Pillar was very frosty, you can see the frost on the rocks. Looking down to Ennerdale Water.


Heading down to Wind Gap. Left is the route to Red Pike. On the right is Steeple, ahead is Scoat Fell and behind on the left is Haystacks


Looking back to Pillar. It was a steep and rocky descent.


Steeple ahead.


I went over Scoat Fell and crossed the wall to look down on the descent and then ascent to Steeple. Starling Dodd Red Pike and High Stile behind


From Steeple summit looking back at Pillar and Scoat Fell. Great Gable on the right.


Great Bourne on the right.


Self-portrait with hat. A scot I would meet on Haycock said it was like a navigation beacon and wanted to know where I got it from! I stopped and had lunch here.


Looking down the ridge of Steeple..


Close up of Great Gable over Kirk Fell summit.


The route to Haycock and Caw. There was a much bigger dip than I imagined on route to Haycock!



Looking back to Steeple and Scoat Fell from Haycock. Frost still persisting in the shade.


Caw summit for the two mile return to the start of Red Pike!


Not that far! Errrr! Steeple and Scoat Fell on the left, but first back over Little Gowder Crag and Haycock on the right.


Now on the climb back up Haycock, a paraglider is over Little Gowder Crag.


From Haycock looking back up to Scoat Fell. A bit of a trudge! Paraglider now ahead on the left


I detoured round to pick up the Red Pike path. From the first cairn on Red Pike looking down on Wasdale Head. Kirk Fell on the left. The Scafells ahead, now free from cloud.


View across Scoat Tarn to Haycock.


From the main summit cairn looking down on Low Tarn and Wastwater


Heading down to Dore Head and the route up to Yewbarrow.


Looking down Dore Head Screes......which really should be renamed Dore Head Mudslide. I head in the other direction.


Looking down Overbeck. A rocky and boggy route!


Looking back up to Red Pike.


The narrow track that skirts Yewbarrow.


This route goes on and on! It takes ages to get to this point! Not far now!


Lingmell, Scafell Pike and Scafell.


Another steep descent, but on grass.


Looking back at Yewbarrow from half way down.


Looking ahead to Great Gable.


The colours were really good just before sunset. I was glad to be back on the road, and felt deserving of some easy walking!


Approaching the head of the lake.


Looking back down the lake as the sun sets.


The walk had taken me eight hours and forty minutes. Wasdale Head was still packed with cars. There were only a few there this morning, but it seems that everybody else had noticed it was a good day too. It is a Sunday too and half term, I was glad that I was on the tops. I met very few people all day. I stopped off for a final photo. It was getting dark, but the Scafells and Screes were getting the last red rays of the sun.

A good day but long! My knee knows it has been for a walk today!