Mount Brandon, Ireland

Name of walk Mount Brandon, Ireland
Date of walk 2011-07-07

We drove to the Dingle Peninsula to climb Mount Brandon (3127ft), the highest mountain in Ireland outside of the Macgillycuddy Reeks. Named after St. Brendan. We took the Pilgrimage route called the Saint`s Road which goes up from the west. Brendan has climbed it twice before.


The starting point is the shrine just past the car park.


Brendan and Tom at the start.


This is the idiots route up! It is impossible to get lost even in mist as there are white markers every 10m. The route is also marked by 14 stations of the cross. This is station 2. This route reminds me of the Jenkin Hill route up Skiddaw.


The people we met at the start who were coming down had got a view from the summit, but it looks as if we were not to be so lucky. By station 3 the mist was coming in. It was wet and cold so Tom decided there was no point in continuing when you can`t see anything, so he took his sandwiches and returned to the warmth and sunshine of sea level.


Station 9 and nothing to see!


White markers very obvious!


On the horizon is station 14....nearly there!


The summit cross and station 15. I had reached it in one hour and fifty minutes. There was one chap in the summit shelter, he said that I`d just missed four American monks who had come up from the east side like him. It was cold on the top but I had to hang around for ten minutes for Brendan to catch me up! We stayed on the summit to have our sandwiches.


It`s a bit misty! Can you see me?


No views whatsoever! So here`s one that Brendan took on a previous climb of the sheer drop down the east side.


Nothing to see on the way down but sheep!


When we had reached the eighth station the mist had started to clear allowing us to see the sea and a couple of Lochs.


We could also see the ridge leading to Brandon Peak.


By station 7 we were clear of the mist, but the summit was still shrouded.


This stone marks the half way point and gave a good view out to sea.



The Three Sisters.


Looking back up.


Back at station 3.

We were up and down in under three hours and fifty minutes, but I`ll have to do it again without mist and from the east.
We headed for Dingle where we would overnight at a B&B before heading out to the Blasket Islands the next day.