Orrest Head

Name of walk Orrest Head
Date of walk 2011-11-10

Brendan was having lunch with his former boss at the Watermill at Ings so I drove him there and then parked at Windermere Station in order to climb up Orrest Head, Wainwright`s first ever fell. First I nipped into Booths to buy my lunch……a meagre £1 Tuna Sandwich….how the other half live!


The route up is just opposite the station.....you can`t miss the sign. It is only 20 minutes to the top!


Passing through the woods on the way up.......very autumnal!


Not a brilliant day with regard to the "unrivalled views", but it was still rather warm so I sat on a bench and ate my sandwich and tried to make out the lake! No chance of seeing any of the mountains! I think it is raining over there!!!!


Holly the spaniel.....she likes tuna sandwiches too!


Close up of the islands on Windermere.


Unfortunately the view map is no longer on the view point..

I headed back down to Windermere and walked around looking at the shops before finding a suitable cafe to sit, have a coffee and read the paper. Then it was back to Ings to pick up Brendan.
A pleasant way to spend an afternoon.