Scafell Pike with Leigh and Deb

Name of walk Scafell Pike with Leigh and Deb
Date of walk 2013-05-27
Distance walked (miles) 5
Duration of walk 4 hours 45 minutes
Weather Rain and hill fog
Peaks on walk Scafell Pike

I send my walking emails to Claire, an American from South Carolina who lives in Barrow, and she forwards them on to friends of her’s in the States. Two of those friends are Leigh and Deb from Richmond, Virginia. Leigh is an old college friend of Claire’s. They were to be in England for two days and were planning on climbing up Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England. They emailed me to ask if myself, Ged and Kas wanted to join them. Is the Pope Catholic? Is Luxenbourg small? Do Jo and Ged want to go for a walk? All equally silly questions!
They were on a mountain whirlwind tour. They arrived yesterday morning and planned to do Scafell Pike today then up to Edinburgh tonight, then on to Fort William to climb Ben Nevis, then over to Ireland, working their way down from Belfast to Galway and on to Carrauntouhill, the highest mountain in Ireland…..which I have done already.
We made arrangements by phone yesterday afternoon. They were staying near Nether Wasdale, so we picked them up around nine this morning and drove to the National Trust car park at Brackenclose.
The forecast was not good, there was going to be rain and hill fog. There was no chance of getting a view from the summit! But hopefully we would be able to find it in the mist!


Deb and Leigh in The Screes pub, post walk......


The early bird gets a bit of sunshine! It wasn't too bad to start off.....


Kirk Fell, Great Gable and Lingmell......


Bits of blue sky too!


But we could tell from the start that the summit was shrouded in hill fog.....



View back to Wast Water.....


Cloud/mist over Pulpit Rock....


We ford the beck and head on up towards Lingmell Col. Yes, this is the path!


We will soon be in the clouds.....


There is a view down to Sty Head Tarn from Lingmell Col......


Then we head into mist and it was like this all the way to the summit. We just followed the cairns. Deb and Leigh, the highest couple in England!



A Scot, currently living in Brighton, took our photo by the ordnance survey cairn.......


Drum sticks, photos and other memorials on the summit


We decided to have lunch further down below the mist, so we carefully retraced our footsteps over the bare rock to the first marker cairn. The Scot had gone off in the wrong direction (easily done in mist, on the summit there is just rock and no paths). Thankfully he quickly realised this, came back and joined us on our descent. Heading back down to Lingmell Col. Lingmell ahead......


It was now raining.....


Still bits of snow up on the rock face of Scafell......


View over to Mickledore from our lunch spot.....


Lunch sheltered below a big rock......



We ford the beck again.....


Leigh crossing the beck....


Wider angle....


The confluence of the becks.....


The Great White Shark Rock. Green moss in his mouth, he needs to floss more!


Over the bridge and nearly back to the car park.....


The walk is about 5 miles and took us 4 hours and 45 minutes. Not too bad at all! We then headed off to the pub before dropping them back at their B&B to collect their car. They were hoping to visit Hadrian's Wall at Housesteads before continuing on to Edinburgh.

We had an excellent day, just a pity there was no summit view. A good little training walk for Leigh and Deb. They have climbed 14,000ft mountains in The States, and Deb is a 50k trail runner…..that’s like a fell runner, but on bigger mountains; so our little hill was easy for them! Just a walk in the National Park!
They were good company too.  I hope they have better weather for the other ‘big’ mountains!

Brendan and I are off to Portmeirion, North Wales tomorrow for a few days. We are hoping to climb Mt. Snowdon again on Thursday, but this time we hope to get a view from the summit. We will be going up the Miner’s Track and down the Pyg Track. But if my knee fails me there is always the train! I`m also looking forward to seeing the cafe at the summit, open!
Between us Me, Leigh and Deb would have climbed all the highest mountains in Great Britain and Ireland this week! 🙂