Sheffield Pike to White Side

Name of walk Sheffield Pike to White Side
Date of walk 2010-09-25
Distance walked (miles) 12
Duration of walk 7 hours 15 minutes
Weather Some sunshine
Peaks on walk Glenridding Dodd, Sheffield Pike, Hart Side, Stybarrow Dodd, Raise, White Side.,
Walked with Ged and blind Kas
Parking Glenridding car park.

On Saturday we finally had a good weather day for a walk so Ged, Kas and I went to Glenridding to climb Glenridding Dodd (1425ft), Sheffield Pike (2232ft), via the Miner`s Track round Glencoyne Head to Birkett Fell, Hart Side (2481ft), Stybarrow Dodd(2770ft), Raise (2889ft), and White Side (2832ft). A walk of about 12 miles.


I had thought that Glenridding would be reasonably quiet at this time of year even on a Saturday but we had unfortunately timed this walk to coincide with the Ullswater Walking Festival so it was heaving with people! Most of them were heading in the direction of Striding Edge and Helvellyn, thankfully we were going the other way! We took the Greenside road and headed up behind Rake Cottages taking the steep and unforgiving path up The Rake. We had intended to take the more forgiving zig zag path but were that busy putting the world to rights that we missed it......good job we are both fit!


Ullswater from the summit of Glenridding Dodd.


We met a group of three young chaps on the summit seen below now heading to their right for the steep route up to Sheffield Pike.


Ged pretending that summer is still here. Get your trousers on Man, you`ll freeze to death! He never listens.....intent on waiting for the first signs of snow before he covers up!



We continue on down for a bit to get the view over the head of Ullswater.


Looking back to Glenridding Dodd from the start of the rocky then boggy route up Sheffield Pike.


Rhino Rock.


Helvellyn and Catstycam on the left, our path back is on the right of the stream.


An Estate marker. The H stands for the Howard Estate of Greystoke. On the back is an M which is for the Marshall Estate of Patterdale.....all the rest is graffiti. I can just imagine the teenage graffiti artists of the 1830's having to spend hours hacking away with their hammer and chisels to inflict their vandalism, it must have taken some these days don`t know they`re born!


Sheffield Pike summit cairn.


We now take the Miner`s Track around the face of Glencoyne Head which starts almost half way down in the centre of the photo.


We chatted with the leader of two Duke of Edinburgh Award groups at the start of the walk, she was waiting for them to check on the accuracy of their navigation skills. Here is the first group heading our way along the track. What delightful, well-mannered kids they turned out to be. Happy to chat and pass the time of day. They had set out from Dockray and were camping tonight at Side Farm in Patterdale and were thoroughly enjoying themselves.


We picked a spot out of the wind to sit and have lunch while admiring the view down the Glencoyne Valley.


We followed the track almost to the wall on the far right of the photo before heading up.


View down the middle.


We then headed for the wall which will lead all the way up to Birkett Fell. Ged giving a lesson on how to see the view if you`re short!


Birkett Fell summit with Hart Side summit just ahead to the right.


Hart Side summit. We headed round to the right towards Stybarrow Dodd.


Stybarrow Dodd summit. Looking towards Keswick, Bassenthwaite Lake and Skiddaw.


We now headed for Raise.


Cold and windy on the route to Raise, so off with the summer hat and on with the winter one!


Swirral Edge and Helvellyn on the left, White Side on the right.


View down to Thirlmere.


View towards Bassenthwaite Lake


The route up to Helvellyn.


White Side summit


Poor Kas looking a bit wind swept! Thirlmere down below.


The very steep ridge of Catstycam that Ged and I once took down in to Keppel Cove. Keppel Dam bottom left. Brown Cove to the right below Swirral Edge.


We then backtrack and take the zig zag path down to Keppel Cove and the long route back to Glenridding.


My feet are starting to shout "Are we nearly there yet?" But still another hour to go! .....#@#%!!!

The walk took about seven hours and fifteen minutes. The heaving masses had left the car park by the time we returned and the roads were remarkably clear for a Saturday. The walk managed to clear away the cobwebs and the withdrawal symptoms of just looking out at the hills from my window.