South Walney Nature Reserve with Fr. John.

Name of walk South Walney Nature Reserve with Fr. John.
Date of walk 2017-08-04
Distance walked (miles) 4
Duration of walk 2 hours 7 minutes
Weather Blue skies and sunshine
Peaks on walk None
Walked with Fr. John Inglis
Parking Reserve car park

Fr. John came down to visit us on Walney Island, so in the morning I took him down the south end of the island to the Nature Reserve. The circuit is three and three quarter miles long and takes a couple of hours, more if you want to spend time in the many hides.


John with Piel Island in the distance at the start of the circuit of South Walney Nature Reserve,


A closer view of Piel Island and Piel castle. The castle was built around 1327 by the Abbott of Furness Abbey (Cistercians). The island has a pub and a row of privately owned old Trinity House pilot's cottages. It can be walked to from Walney at low tide, and accessed by ferry from Roa Island.


We walk towards the old pier.




We keep a look out for seals.


South Walney lighthouse and the two lighthouse cottages. Clarissa, one of my St. James bell ringing colleagues, lives in the one on the left, she said she would be in, so we called round.


B&Q don't sell these plant pots!


John and Clarissa in her walled garden. Clarissa gives us a tour of the listed building and we get to meet one of her cats, but not Brian, who was out and about. I can see why she was drawn to the cottage, as well as the isolation and the wonderful views, it is very much of a bygone era and very restful.


We continue on our circuit of the south end. Looking back to the lighthouse with Barrow and Blackcombe beyond.


We head for Groyne Hide, still no seals to be seen.




An old World War Two searchlight emplacement.



Looking back across yellow ragwort to the lighthouse.


After lunch I take John on a tour of Barrow and a drive down the coast road to experience the delights of Roy's Ices.


People come from all over the world for a taste of his ice cream. I had a blackcurrant and licorice with banana waffle cone....yummy! This is John pictured with his second one!


John with Brendan and Tom.


From the seat at the bottom of our garden with a view out to the mountains.


John, the sheep and Blackcombe in the distance.

I hope John enjoyed his visit to Walney Island. On his next visit I will show him the delights of the North End Nature Reserve!