Steel Fell to Helm Crag (Greenburn Round)

Name of walk Steel Fell to Helm Crag (Greenburn Round)
Date of walk 2009-07-02
Distance walked (miles) 7
Duration of walk 4 hours 30 minutes
Weather sunshine and hot
Peaks on walk Steel Fell, Calf Crag. Gibson Knott, Helm Crag
Walked with On own
Parking Lay-by outside Grasmere

I usually plan walks well ahead. But last night was hot and I had still to go to sleep at 3am, so I got a cup of tea and ended up looking at Andrew Leaney and David Hall`s photos of the Greenburn Round on their websites. (Google them and you won`t be disappointed!) Quite an easy walk. So I got up at 6.30 am and set off for Grasmere to give it a go. The walk includes Steel Fell (1811ft), Calf Crag (1762ft), Gibson Knott (1379ft) and Helm Crag (1299ft) and is a circular walk that follows the ridges of the Greenburn Valley. About 7.5 miles. I parked in a lay-by on the A591 and was ready to walk by 8.45am. It was hot!


The first fell was Steel Fell, on the right.


The last fell was Helm Crag. My route off would be straight down the fellside....looks a bit steep!


..but then so is this! This ain`t the summit by the way, there are two more false summits to go!


The way back from the same place. South is looking a bit hazy.


See......told you!


Some sheep run away, others stare at you until you`re ready to run away......spooky!


The ridge in the foreground is my route back across Gibson Knott, it goes on and on.....and up and down.


and on and on


Dragonfly: Cordulegaster boltonii.......a Wanderer`s supporter? I did a thesis on dragonflies for my degree......still had to look up the species though....memory buggered!


Steel Fell summit is called Dead Pike. I took a walk to the grassy point on the right of the photo, hoping to get a better view down Thirlmere. Wasn`t worth the 20 minutes it took me, the view was no better. Helvellyn on the right.


Close up of Thirlmere with Lonscale, Great Calva and Blencathra behind.


The way ahead.


There were several tarns on the route to Calf Crag. Ullscarf is seen behind on the right, High Raise on the left


View down the Greenburn Valley.


Looking across to Helvellyn.


Looking back along Steel Fell`s ridge


Summit of Calf Crag looking over to Tarn Crag and the rocky Deer Bields.


Looking down the Gibson Knott ridge to Grasmere via Far Easedale Valley.


Further along Gibson Knott ridge.


Looking at Easedale Tarn from Gibson Knott summit.


Looking over at Steel Fell summit.


Helm Crag.


Helm Crag summit. Surprisingly no people about for a lunch time, it is usually packed. I guess it was too hot for people to walk up today.


The Lion and the Lamb with Grasmere beyond.


I sat and had lunch looking back at my route up Steel Fell and at my route down to the valley floor.....steep!


..and down on my car in the lay-by. Fairfield and Great Rigg at the back.


Looking to the head of Far Easedale.


When I reached the valley floor, which I did at fast speed! I took a detour up Green Burn to have a look at the small waterfall.... not much to see.

Then I returned to the car. The 7 miles had only taken me four and a half hours. I was home by half past two.