Top o’ Selside via Low Parkamoor

Name of walk Top o' Selside via Low Parkamoor
Date of walk 2013-04-10
Distance walked (miles) 4
Duration of walk 3 hours 0 minutes
Weather Hazy
Peaks on walk Top O\'Selside

Yesterday, Ged, Kas and I drove to Dodgson Wood on the east side of Coniston for a short walk up to the Top o’Selside (1099ft),
via a stop off at Low Parkamoor. Top o’Selside is the highest fell on Coniston’s east side.
Basically it was a continuation of the walk from two weeks ago, that we did in snow.
It was a warm but hazy day. We started late as I was busy in the morning, but we would make the summit in time for lunch.


Looking up Coniston Water.....


There was one lone swan.


On the route up through Dodgson Wood, there was a National Trust building that looks like it is used by groups as a day base. (It contained cooking facilities and lots of bench/table seating)


Looking across Coniston Water.


The snowy approach to Low Parkamoor.


Low Parkamoor, a 16th century, grade 2 listed farmhouse, owned by the National Trust, is used as an artist's retreat. It is managed by Grisedale Arts. The house sleeps six in three bedrooms. Water is pumped from the well, with cooking and water heating on the wood fired range. There is no bathroom and the composting toilet is to be found in the outside privy. There is no electricity. This is eco-living 1820 style and in keeping with this low impact approach, there is no vehicle access, guests must walk up to the farm, one mile, ascending 200m above sea level to reach Parkamoor. It can be hired for £400 per week, which includes all fuel. Inside photos can be found at .... It has a beautiful setting! An excellent place to stay in the summer, if you like to leave the world behind!


Looking down on Low Parkamoor. The track on the left leads to High Nibthwaite. Our route up Top o'Selside is up the grass above it.



Looking back at Low Parkamoor from our route up Top o'Selside. A hazy Dow Crag and Coniston Old Man behind


Summit and lost socks!


We head for lunch by Arnsbarrow Tarn.


We then take a walk around the side of the fell heading for High Parkamoor. Grisedale Forest ahead.


The ruins of High Parkamoor farm.




We cross the fields to return to Low Parkamoor and the track back to Dodgson Wood


Heading back down


Closely observed.


The way through the woods

A good little walk, only about 4 miles. It took us just over 3 hours, but we didn’t hurry.