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A Quick Run up Helm Crag

31st March 2006

Went to Grasmere today via Hayes Garden Center, and climbed up Helm Crag,1329 ft (405m). Compared to Kirk Fell this is classified on the Sweeney Scale as easy peasy with bells on. From the car park to the summit took under half an hour! Back in Grasm…

Blackcombe in Snow

4th March 2006

As the sun was shining and snow was on them there hills we decided to go up Black Combe (1970ft). The path up is simple and you can`t get lost. Thankfully it wasn`t slippy in the least but it did get cold and a bit windy towards the summit. We set ou…

Kirk Fell

23rd March 2006

Day off today so I decided to go to Wastwater again. I had lunch there and then went to Wasdale Head for a coffee at the pub. Once in the pub I got my map out and then decided to walk up Kirk Fell, 2630ft (802m). It goes straight up….then it ge…