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Greenhead Gill Round

14th March 2007

Janet, Poppy and me went to Grasmere to do the Greenhead Gill Round (six miles).This includes Stone Arthur (1652ft), Great Rigg (2513ft) and Heron Pike (2003ft) ending with Alcock Tarn on a ridge below Heron Pike, then back to Grasmere. We walked bac…

Scandale Horseshoe

26th March 2007

Today Janet, Poppy and me went to Ambleside to do the Scandale Horseshoe. (Red Screes, Middle Dodd, Little Hart Crag, High Bakestones, High Pike and Low Pike.)  A 10 mile hike. We parked at the Ambleside car park which charges a scandalous £7 for 9 h…