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Fairfield Horseshoe in a White-out

8th February 2010

Today Ged and I decided to do the Fairfield Horseshoe from Rydal returning via High Sweden Bridge, Ambleside and Rydal Park. A mere 12 miles! The summits would include Nab Scar (1450ft), Heron Pike (2003ft), Great Rigg (2513ft), Fairfield (2863ft), H…

Hayeswater Round in Snow

19th February 2010

Yesterday we went to Hartsop to do six of the summits on the other side of the Kirkstone Pass. The Knott (2423ft), Rampsgill Head (2598ft), Kidsty Pike (2560ft), High St. (2718ft), Thornthwaite Crag (2569ft) and Gray Crag (2286ft). The walk was about…

Wansfell Pike in Snow

16th February 2010

Yesterday we drove to Troutbeck, parking by the church (bottom right on the yellow road with the 2 arrows). Walking to Ambleside via Skelghyll Wood, doing some shopping and having some lunch, then returning over Wansfell Pike. A walk of over 7 miles….