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Black Fell and a St. James’ Day Peal at St. James’ Church, Barrow

26th July 2014

I left home at 6.30am on Friday so I could be back home by lunch in time to be at St. James’ church, Barrow, before the start of the Anniversary Peal, 137 years after the first peal, and the first peal to be rang this century. My plan was a wal…

High Street to Stony Cove Pike from Hartsop

22nd July 2014

On Tuesday Ged, Kas and I drove to Hartsop in order to walk up to High Street, Thornthwaite Crag, Gray Crag and Stony Cove Pike/Caudale Moor and descend down to the pub at Brothers Water before making a circuit of the lake and returning to Hartsop. A…

Mellbreak, Floutern Tarn, Gavel Fell and High Nook Tarn.

17th July 2014

On Tuesday Ged, Kas and I decided to have a walk up Mellbreak and around to Gavel Fell and visit Floutern and High Nook Tarns too. The weather was due to be okay to start and to improve as the day went on. The walk was 10.5 miles long and took us 7 h…

Seat Sandal and Grisedale Tarn via Tongue Gill

2nd July 2014

On Wednesday Ged, Kas and I decided to walk up Tongue Gill to Grisedale Tarn and then to go up Seat Sandal and take the grassy route down its front, back to Grasmere. We parked in the lay-by and walked up towards Mill Bridge. It is a walk of just und…

Yewbarrow, Red Pike and Low Tarn

9th July 2014

On Wednesday Ged, Kas and I drove to Overbeck on the side of Wast Water in order to climb up Yewbarrow (2058ft) then continue on to Red Pike (2707ft) and descend via Low Tarn, a walk of seven and a half miles, but with some very steep terrain, scramb…