Glenridding Dodd to Hart Side and back Via the Miner’s Track

Name of walk Glenridding Dodd to Hart Side and back Via the Miner's Track
Date of walk 2009-03-13
Distance walked (miles) 8
Duration of walk 6 hours 0 minutes
Weather overcast
Peaks on walk Glenridding Dodd, Heron Pike, Sheffield Pike, Hart Side and Birkett Fell
Walked with Ged and blind Kas
Parking Glenridding car park.

With Wednesday`s walk having no views, and the forecast for Thursday being quite good except for the gales, we set off again for Glenridding to climb Glenridding Dodd (1425ft), Heron Pike to Sheffield Pike (2232ft), Hart Side (2481ft) and Birkett Fell via Glencoyne Head and returning by the Old Miners Track, meeting Sticks Pass back to Glenridding.  A walk of over 8 miles. Another walk that Ged had never done before that I`d seen on Andrew Leaney`s website, the Miners Track looked interesting and a little precarious!


The day started with sunshine on the steep climb up to Blaes Crag. The route up is not sign posted, you take a right just after the cattle grid on to a grassy path that zig zags, then look out for an arrow on a post.


The view up the valley towards Raise.


Heading up The Rake.


View of Ullswater from the summit of Glennridding Dodd..


Looking over to Heron Pike.


Looking back to the route up Glenridding Dodd from the start of Heron Pike.


From half way up Heron Pike.


Looking down on Glenridding and across at Place Fell.


Sheffield Pike summit. It was very windy!!!!!!


Looking over at Sridding Edge, Helvellyn, Catstycam, Whiteside and Raise from the summit of Sheffield Pike


Looking across at the far side of Glencoyne Head. Hart Side and Birkett Fell are beyond. Our route back would start way off to the right on the photo. The Miners Track can be seen as a line half way down the face of Glencoyne Head......I told you it was precarious!!!!!


Our route was of to the right up Greenside Edge to Glencoyne Head. The wind became so fierce that it blew my hat off twice! We kept well away from the edges!


Looking down the Glencoyne valley, keeping away from the edge!


Summit of Hart Side.


Birkett Fell summit.


We headed off down the side of the wall and eventually joined the Miners Track which was less than a foot wide in places.


An excellent example of a u-shaped valley!


Looking back along the track.


Had to gingerly cross the snow blocking the track.


We made it back to Nick Head and headed off to locate the route down where we would join the Sticks Pass. Two people in red are on it!


Mine workings.


We needed to cross the bridge.


View back down the valley...still a way to go!


Off left is the path we took down from a misty Red Tarn on Wednesday.

The walk took just under 6 hours. A pleasant walk that would be even better on a day with no wind!