Arnison Crag and Birks

Name of walk Arnison Crag and Birks
Date of walk 2009-03-16
Distance walked (miles) 6
Duration of walk 4 hours 0 minutes
Weather overcast
Peaks on walk Arnison Crag and Birks
Walked with Ged and blind Kas
Parking Patterdale car park

The forecast for the Fells was drizzle and low cloud so we drove to Patterdale to do Arniston Crag (1424ft) and Birks (2040ft). A short walk of 4.5 miles but steep! We also decided to add Lanty`s Tarn and Keldas to the end of the walk this would take the milage up to 6. We parked in the car park opposite the Patterdale Hotel, turned left and took the path up behind the Public Toilets.


It was a grey day. We kept to the left of the wall of Glamara Deer Park and would follow it practically all the way to Birks summit. Arnison Crag Summit view down Ullswater.


The view over to Birks with St. Sunday Crag Behind. Just follow the wall up.....a little steep methinks!


Stopped here for a sandwich (a breather!) and to text my sister. Good views to Place Fell with Beda Fell behind, and Wether Hill behind that. Down below is Arnison Crag and the wall we followed. As you can see the route up to Birks is steep.....I think I have mentioned it was STEEP!


Looking across to Gray Crag, Hartsop Dodd and Caudale Moor.


Looking up to St. Sunday Crag from Birks summit, the mist was starting to come over the summits, Striding Edge, just off the photo was also in cloud.



We headed back down the front of Birks.


Close up of the view down to Lanty`s Tarn and to the right is Keldas.


Almost back to ground level.


Looking over at our route up to Arnison Crag.


The view up the valley, Birks on the left.


Lanty`s Tarn.


And the other direction. We headed off right up to Keldas.


Looking over to Sheffield Pike and Glenridding Dodd.


The view from Keldas.


We came across several Toads making their way to Lanty`s Tarn.


We retraced our steps back to the valley. Looking back up to Birks.


A last view up the valley to Striding Edge, still in cloud.

We headed off via the road back to Patterdale. Pity it was such a dull day. I don`t think I`ve used my new camera in sunshine yet!