Helm Crag with Fr. John

Name of walk Helm Crag with Fr. John
Date of walk 2016-08-16
Distance walked (miles) 7
Duration of walk 3 hours 45 minutes
Weather Hot! Blue skies and sunshine
Peaks on walk Helm Crag
Walked with Fr. John Inglis
Parking Lay-by outside Grasmere

Tuesday was due to be very warm, and as we had descended quite an arduous route yesterday, we picked something simple and easy on the knees. Helm Crag (The Lion and The Lamb) from the lay-by outside Grasmere. A short route up and an easy route down.


I stopped at Waterhead jetty, it was very calm on Lake Windermere.


I stopped at Grasmere too, beautiful reflections today. Silver How on the left with Helm Crag on the right. (Left click to enlarge, click again to return)


Reflection of Helm Crag with Steel Fell to the right.


Silver How through the trees.


I meet John at half eight in the lay-by and we cross over the road and take the footpath that leads behind the church, coming out next to the Ginger Bread shop. View to Helm Crag from the footpath.


We head through Grasmere and take the road opposite the bookshop that leads up to Helm Crag, once again in view.


The path leads to a gate to the right, then just follow the track up.


View back from the pitched path.


A very easy route for walking and navigation, plus the summit is not very far!


View down to the farm with its pink bales.


John winding his way up the path.


View into Easedale and the route up next to Sour Milk Gill, which leads to Easedale Tarn.




View across Dunmail Raise to Seat Sandal and Fairfield.


Looking across the A591 to Great Rigg and Heron Pike.


View from 'The Lamb', the smaller of the rocky outcrops on Helm Crag.


Grasmere close-up.


Close-up of Easedale Tarn with Blea Rigg, Harrison Stickle and Pavey Ark behind.


Steel Fell on the left and the Helvellyn range on the right.


'The Howitzer' or 'Lion', depending on your viewpoint. The true summit of Helm Crag. I have never climbed it, but then neither did Wainwright! John gives it a miss too.


View down to the col, the next summit is Gibson Knott, but we will be descending off right down to Greenburn.


Our route down the zig zag path through the bracken.


A jet passes loudly overhead.


A sandwich silently passes my lips! We have an early lunch. John has made cheese and tomato sandwiches using raisin bread.


We make our way down to the col then turn right. Our route down.


John manages to find the only bit of mud on the route, and slips in it!


Luckily he wasn't hurt, just a bit muddy!


I use his new purple Canon Ixus to record the same photos for him. It perfectly matches my T-shirt, but he refuses to swap!


Nearly down to the beck where he can wash off some of the mud.


The 'Billy Goats Gruff' bridge across Greenburn. It is even more rickerty rackerty now, having lost part of its far side in the floods. I've never seen a Troll wearing a headband before!


Looking back up at our route down from Helm Crag on the left.


It is quite a long walk back around the base of Helm Crag, a route I'm very familiar with as it is part of the Keswick to Barrow Walk.



When we get back to Grasmere I look for a new nib for my Rapidograph drawing pen in the Heaton Cooper Studio, but I'm out of luck. We have more success with finding chips in the Red Lion! Plus something to replace all the electrolytes we lost in the heat. It has been really hot today! On our way back to our cars John succumbs to the smell of the gingerbread and buys some. Me, I am made of stronger stuff.....I just eat his!

The walk took us about three and three quarter hours. The route down from the top was 5.5 miles, John had forgotten to set his GPS at the start, and I’d not brought mine, so I guess it was about three miles up. So somewhere inbetween 7 and 8 miles. It was a lovely day, and because we made an early start, it was not as hot to climb up, and we saw very few people. Another excellent day!