Lowick to North Scale

Name of walk Lowick to North Scale
Date of walk 2013-04-26

This morning I got Brendan to drop me off at The Red Lion Inn at Lowick at 9am. I will be walking back home following the K2B route. The pub is at the 26 mile marker, so 14 miles to the finish plus nearly 4 miles to walk back home. A fun filled 18 miles! It should take about 5 hours. I`ve chosen the most challenging part of the route as it takes you up 800ft out over Kirkby Moor.


These lambs have not yet grown into their ears......


Lowick Church......


Views out to Coniston Old Man from the slow climb up on to Kirkby Moor.....


It looks a nice day, but it was cold and windy. At least it wasn't raining.........


Looking over to The Hoad Monument in Ulverston, and out to sea....


Approaching the wind turbines....



Many people don't like wind turbines, I find them rather beautiful.


Poaka Beck Reservoir.....looking a little on the low side.....


Close up of the north end of Walney Island. It looks like the wind farm is in the sky......


Lots of lambs!


I think I`m disturbing their lunch.....


Marton. I take a 5 minute banana break on the seat. I had just chatted to a guy working outside his garage "Practising for the Keswick to Barrow?" He shouted, as I walked past. There was no fooling him, he had me pegged!


Walking the bridge over the A590 into Dalton. I will be walking past the entrance to Dowdales School. I need to make sure I`m well past it before the lunch time bell, when the inmates are let loose!


I finally hit Abbey Road, the road into Barrow. The tree blossom is only just starting to come out......


Some good displays of daffs....


The sky had changed to black as I reached town. It had begun to rain as I neared the bridge over to Walney. Centre of the bridge view. North Scale still a long way off, I`m going to get wet.

I got wet! It had stopped raining as I walked through the village and the sun came out again. It had taken me 5 hours and 5 minutes to walk just under 18 miles. When you consider that the elite runners finish the whole 40 miles in under four and a half hours….it is a pretty dire time! I feel the shame! But my knee is throbbing by way of punishment.

The walk is two weeks tomorrow (11th May). I think the bus leaves Walney at about 4am on Saturday Morning for the 6am start. I`ll be practically having to get up before I go to bed! I just hope the weather is going to be warmer! Those bloody smug southerners got 22C yesterday! It was 7C here! After the showers this afternoon, I noticed, on returning from Tesco, that there are bits of snow once again on the mountains! Brrrrrr!

Thanks to those of you that have sponsored me already, especially to Mike Edwards in Long Island, New York for his £20……most generous. I don’t know Mike, but he gets forwarded my emails by Paul…..the kindness of strangers!

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