Walney Island: South End to North End

Name of walk Walney Island: South End to North End
Date of walk 2013-04-23

This morning was sunny but very windy. Gales were forecast for the hills, so I got Brendan to drop me off at the South Walney Nature Reserve from where I would walk back home. A walk of just under 8 miles. Brendan has pulled out of this year’s 40 mile Keswick to Barrow walk, as he is complaining of arthritis……poor old thing! But I have taken his place. I have no idea why! I have no chance of finishing as I do actually have arthritis in my right knee, but we women don`t whinge about it, we just endure! I have done Coniston to Barrow, which is 23 miles, so I’m aiming to make Keswick to Coniston and then see how much further I can get. It’ll be a miracle if I make it as far as Lowick. I have managed 16 miles over 7 mountains, and the longest mountain walk I have done lasted 10 and a half hours, but that was drug assisted and I was swearing persistently for the last couple of miles (mentally, not verbally!) with the pain. My estimated K2B time is over 14 hours, so finishing is just not feasible. Anyway, in order to do the walk I need to practise some road walking……zzzzzzzz!


Looking over to Piel Island from the Nature Reserve car park.......



I`ve been on the road for at least 50m. Bored! Eider Ducks on the pond. I head for the sea behind the hide..........


I decide to walk along the cliffs, much better views!


The wind is blowing a bit!


Erosion is a huge problem here.......



I walk along the beach for a bit......


Then I head back to the road. I meet Brian Gates, out on his bike heading for elevenses at the caravan park. I worked with Brian for 12 years at Thorncliffe. He was Head of Physics to my Head of Biology. You know you're getting old when the conversation revolves around dead former colleagues and what medication we're taking! Poor Brian was once told by a student "You taught my Grandad", it took him weeks to get over it! He is now still only in his early 60's.



That is either a big lamb in a wig, or an alpaca!


Taking the ponies for a walk....


Footpath to Sandy Gap. I intend to go as far as The Round House.....


Round House to the right.....


The Round House is a Cantonese Restaurant.......It has great views......


I now head from the west side of the island to the east. Just off to my left is Tummerhill football pitch. It is very exposed, even for Walney. I once refereed a game here where the goalie could not kick the ball out of the penalty area from a goal kick as the wind would take it right back again. The ball is not in play until it has left the area, so I had to improvise the laws and allow the goal kick to be taken from the edge of the penalty area by an outfield player instead.


Bridge to the mainland........


St Mary's.....



The old Methodist Church now rebuilt into flats. They kept the tower. Good views across the water.....


Walking along the Promenade towards North Scale Village.....



The mountains are only just visible through the low cloud........


The old house at the start of the village was built in 1684......


New barn conversions......


Route down to the channel from my walk up through the village. Ours is the last road.......



See, I told you we have an airport, not an airfield! Prince William and Kate landed by helicopter here two weeks ago. We could see it land from the kitchen window. It is only a 20 second walk to the end of our road to watch them go by. I asked Tom whether he wanted to come and see them. His response was "Hail the Republic!" I took that to be a "No". I stood here by the speed bump, where they have to slow right down. Most of our street were out with flags left over from the Jubilee and so we all got a good view, as it is just a narrow lane with a hedgerow on one side. Not like in London where you are behind barriers and a long way away! William was sat nearest to us and looked amazed that people were lining the pavement to see them, and was waving with delight!


Home. Brendan has been busy covering the whole of Walney and Barrow with "Vote Labour" signs. Ours is the far sign on the left.


Tigger laying in the sunshine.....

The walk took under three hours. Easy.

The charity I’m walking the K2B for is Hospital Equipment Fund For Furness. I know most of you will already be sponsoring family members, others of you are in foreign parts, but I still have to go through the motions of asking! I will not take any offence if you turn out to be a load of stingy bastards! I will still love you all! After all it is not like I will be putting myself through excruciating agony, or risking long term opiate addiction, for a good cause. Heaven forbid!

You can sponsor me (or not) at:
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