Swirl How to Grey Friar from the Wrynose Pass

Name of walk Swirl How to Grey Friar from the Wrynose Pass
Date of walk 2010-06-02
Distance walked (miles) 7
Duration of walk 5 hours 20 minutes
Weather Eventually sunshine
Peaks on walk Great Carrs, Swirl How, Grey Friar
Walked with Ged and blind Kas
Parking Spaces top of Wrynose Pass

On Wednesday Ged, Kas and I went to The Three Shires Stone at the top of the Wrynose Pass to climb Great Carrs (2585ft), Swirl How (2638ft) and Grey Friar (2533ft). The weather was overcast, with mist on the tops but it was due to clear later in the day. We had planned to descend from Grey Friar down to Cockley Beck and then walk back up the Wrynose Pass, a walk of about seven miles.


The Three Shires Stone where Lancashire, Cumberland and Westmoreland meet.



It is an easy pitched path up to Wet Side Edge with good views up and down the Wrynose Pass. Looking towards Lingmoor.


View to Cold Pike and Pike O`Blisco on the other side of the Wrynose Pass.


Looking down The Duddon towards Harter Fell and Hard Knott.


Looking down Wet Side Edge to Little Langdale Tarn.


Looking up to Great Carrs from Little Carrs with Swirl How on the left.


Looking across to Swirl How, the highest point in the constituency of Barrow and Furness.


The Halifax Bomber Memorial on Great Carrs in memory of eight crew members who crashed here in October 1944. The rest of the planes remains are in the Greenburn Valley. Grey Friar is seen behind.


Greenburn Valley with Greenburn Tarn.


Ged and Kas at the Swirl How summit cairn. It had only taken an hour and a half to reach here. This route is the quickest and easiest way up!


No view from here as the mist covered Levers Water and Coniston Water. Coniston Old Man and Dow Crag can just be seen in the distance..


Heading across the grass for Grey Friar.


Me climbing the Matterhorn.....the rock not the mountain! (I do this every time I come up here.....sad!)


We stopped for lunch just behind the summit cairn. The weather had started to improve. Other people started to appear. A whole family with little kids were sat on the north west cairn enjoying the sunshine.


View to Harter Fell.


Looking down to Seathwaite Tarn with Barrow-in-Furness inbetween White Maiden and Caw. Black Combe on the right.


We took a route down behind the north west cairn. Looking over at the Scafell range. Cockley Beck is just left of centre with the Hardknott Pass going diagonally left.


Heading down playing spot the cairn! They soon stopped appearing and we made our own, best guess, way down.


We headed for the gate and stile.


We eventually found a quad bike track and followed it down to the series of small waterfalls.


Ged and kas looking into the ravine.


In the ravine for a closer look at the beck.


A ruined building from the remains of an old copper mine.


Close up of Scafell and Scafell Pike..


We walked through the farm and on to the road. Looking back up Grey Friar.


Little Stand and The Duddon from Cockley Beck Bridge.


The Bridge.


Looking to the top of the Wrynose Pass where we had parked the car. Only two and a bit miles.....in the heat! On the walk back up we saw police cars and assumed they were on a jolly as it was such a nice day. Then we saw an ITV van. It wasn`t until I got home that I found out about the shootings that happened just a few minutes up the road at Boot. We were just glad to have been up on the fells.


Looking back from near the top of the Pass..

The walk took us five hours and twenty minutes. An hour of that being the long walk back up the Pass. A pity the weather didn`t come good until lunch!