Fairport Convention at the Coronation Hall, Ulverston 2014

Name of walk Fairport Convention at the Coronation Hall, Ulverston 2014
Date of walk 2014-03-05

This year Fairport Convention actually made it to Ulverston for the first time in their 47 year history! One of the things I love about Fairport gigs is that often I am one of the youngest there! A spring chicken in a sea of grey. Not so this year, as the support act was the excellent Edwina Hayes; and owing to a ‘dishwasher incident’ where Dave Pegg tore a tendon in his left hand, his son Matt had to take over his bass playing duties for the duration of their Winter Tour. Luckily Matt’s playing stance and facial expressions are identical to his father’s, so really it was just like watching Peggy, but with hair.

The second thing I love about Fairport’s Winter Tour is that I get to catch up with my old friend, Martin who is in charge of their merchandising. Now that he has a mandolin as well as a ukelele, I expect to see him on stage next year! After all, he has taught Chris Leslie all he knows. I’d love to see them perform a duet! Okay Martin? Jackie could bring her viola too! 🙂

The third thing I love about Fairport is that they are all excellent musicians. Ric and Chris especially leave me spellbound with their brilliance. It puts my guitar playing efforts to shame. (Admittedly, most people can put my guitar playing to shame!)

The following photos were all taken without flash.


Simon and Edwina.


Ric, Simon, Matt and Chris.


Chris played about five different instruments throughout the gig.


Ric and Simon.




Peggy joins the group to do a bit of singing.




Edwina rejoins the group to perform an old Sandy Denny number.





Time to say goodbye. Finally, Gerry makes it out from behind his drum kit.


Someone's dropped a fiver.


Peggy's found it!


Martin and me after the gig. I was eighteen when I first met Martin.....where have all those 34 years gone? Martin is still as gorgeous as ever! He must have one hell of an ugly painting in his attic! ;-)

An excellent evening as usual. Brendan chatted with Chris to inform him of one of his song’s connections to Ulverston. (North West Passage and John Barrow). The rest of the band are happy to chat too, encouraging us to attend Fairport’s Cropredy Convention in August. Fairport will be in Kendal at The Brewery Arts Centre, on the 9th May. Unfortunately the Keswick to Barrow walk is on the 10th commencing at 5.30am, so I won’t be able to make it. 🙁


PS: My Keswick to Barrow (K2B) sponsorship page is now open…….any donations gratefully received. Last year I raised £247 for Hospital Equipment Fund for Furness. The 40 miles took me 12 hours and 53 minutes. A walk in the park it ain’t! 😉