Gummers How in Snow

Name of walk Gummers How in Snow
Date of walk 2008-12-03
There are blizzards and a weather warning forecast for tonight and tomorrow so I thought I`d better take advantage of the sunshine and do a short walk up Gummers How in order to admire the hills. It would be too dangerous to attempt the higher fells today without crampons.
The steep road up to the car park was very slippery and had not been gritted. When I got to the car park it was empty, when I drove in I realised why. It was an ice rink! I carefully drove/skidded full circle and parked on the road-side facing downhill. I bumped into a couple of New Zealand guys coming down the road. Actually they were balancing along the verge as the road was also an ice rink. They said the way ahead was very icy and quite treacherous. I carried on up regardless. Once on the path the going was okay provided you kept to the edge of the track and carefully selected your rocks to tread on. I took the front way up as I assumed it would be less icy. I managed to stay on my feet, but going down could be a problem!

Good views were to be had at the summit. There is something about the combination of snow and blue skies that looks quite wonderful. Looking over to Coniston Old Man and Wetherlam.


Close up of the same.


Gummer`s How Ordnance survey trig point.


Looking southwest at a thermal inversion.


"Me and my shadow...." Long shadows for midday! Windermere looking cold and blue. The weather was surprisingly warm, with no hint of wind.


Dollywaggon Pike, Fairfield, Red Screes and Caudale Moor.


Looking east to the Pennines.


Some more thermal inversions south east.




I had the summit totally to myself for all the time I was here.

I walked about the tops for a while then decided to make my way down the track round the back. This was snowy not icy, so good underfoot. I was back home just after one.